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Rodent Control is the service that Omega Animal Removal gets called for the most. Rodent control takes an understanding of the habits and behaviors of rats and advanced techniques to make sure that every possible entry point on the home is sealed permanently. Once the home is completely sealed it is imperative to decontaminate the attic and remove all of the pheromones and bacteria that the rats leave behind. We are the only rodent control company in the industry that offers a no-gimmick Lifetime Guarantee. With Rodent Control in Houston, there can be a few different types of rat species that we tend to see most frequently. Each of these rat species has different tendencies and different behavior patterns that must be completely understood and studied to ensure the rat infestation is solved properly. Roof rats are the most common type of rat that we receive rodent control calls for the most. Roof rat infestations can happen to any type of home and can be seen in attics, walls and crawl spaces.The other type of rat infestations in Houston, TX we frequently see are from Norway Rats. These rats usually are the rats most commonly found burrowing along foundations and also in crawlspace areas. Norway rats are slightly bigger and lighter colored than roof rats.

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Squirrel removal is probably the most tedious of calls that Omega Animal Removal receives. Squirrels are incredibly destructive creatures and will stop at nothing to get back into your home once they have established a nest in your attic. Fortunately, we have developed innovative techniques for the live trapping and removal of squirrels, as well as sealing all entry points on the home and removing their nesting sites.

With Squirrel removal in Houston, Omega Animal Removal gets the most calls during the spring and fall do to the breeding habits. Squirrel infestations often cause serious internal damage by chewing wires, ductwork, and even structural beams inside the attic.

If you are having a Squirrel Control issue in Houston, TX please call our Houston office at 832-728-0758 or visit our squirrel control page for more information on how to solve your squirrel issue permanently with our three-step process. Omega Animal Removal guarantees its work for a lifetime!

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Yes, it is true. Anytime you are dealing with rats in your attic, they will be nesting and breeding in your insulation and on your drywall. This creates an extremely large mess and leaves urine, feces and bacteria inside of your attic insulation.

Fortunately, Omega Animal Removal specializes in decontaminating attic spaces after roof rat infestations.

Proper attic decontamination starts with our state-of-the-art fogging treatments. Our advanced three-phase Attic Fogging Treatment's incredible effectiveness allows us to, in most cases, preserve your current attic insulation. The reason for this is because our high-tech fogging system atomizes the disinfectants into tiny molecules, which allows them to seep down into your attic insulation.

This revolutionary attic decontamination tactic allows Omega to ensure that your attic is thoroughly decontaminated, and your home's air quality is kept at an optimal level. If we feel as though your attic has been too heavily contaminated with rodent urine and feces for our fogging system to help, we even have a sister company, Omega Insulation Services, so that we can address any type of attic decontamination necessary and remove, replace or even just add attic insulation if necessary.

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We aren't just experts at bee removal, rodent control, squirrel removal, dead animal removal, etc… We are also experts at humane wildlife care. We love animals and we want our service to reflect that. Our bee removal and other live animal removal services are the best in the business, not because we service more clients than any company, but because our wildlife experts truly care about animals!

Rats In Your Attic?

Having a rodent problem in your home's attic is more than just a nuisance, and we understand how much these animals can disrupt your life. At Omega Animal Removal, we specialize in dealing with rodent infestations. When you contact a pest control company, the solution is to put poison traps in your home without dealing with the actual source of the problem. This means that rats can keep invading your home, and you have to pay for removal services every year. Unlike those other extermination firms, we will locate how the rodents are getting into your attic, and we will make sure that these animals don't return. You will get a lifetime guarantee on the work we perform, giving you peace of mind that your rat problem won't return season after season.

Squirrels In Your Attic?

As colder weather approaches, squirrels begin to look for warm places to nest, store food, and give birth. When they choose your attic, you can be left with a large problem that you can't handle on your own. Squirrels can be extremely aggressive when guarding their nests, and they can cause serious damage to your home's electrical wiring. Omega Animal Removal can tackle your squirrel problem, leaving your attic quiet and critter-free. If you notice sounds coming from your attic in the mornings and evenings, you may already have a squirrel nest in your home. Be sure to call for assistance right away to minimize any damage done to your attic.

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At Omega, we realize that you have many choices when it comes to animal removal. When you compare our services and our commitment, you will find that we are the best animal removal company in the Houston area. We take pride in our work, and we stand behind it with superior guarantees that offer you greater peace of mind than you will find with any other pest control or animal removal company. We will treat you and your home with the respect and attention you deserve, which is just one more reason that we stand out from the crowd.

We are so confident in our ability to remove wildlife and keep it out that we offer the industry's longest guarantee.