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Squirrels stop being fun and become a nuisance when they take over your attic and start chewing on all your ductwork and wiring of your San Antonio. Luckily for home and business owners, Omega Animal Removal has designed innovative techniques for live-trapping the squirrels and for their safe removal. With the help of our techniques, the squirrels will not damage themselves or your home.

Omega Animal Removal Wildlife Specialists use live traps that can capture more than one squirrel at a time; this can be helpful when we are dealing with a mother squirrel and her kittens. As soon as the squirrels are removed safely, our specialist proceeds to the sealing of all access points inside your house and around it and to the removal of all nesting places as well as the elimination of pheromones. From beginning to end, Omega Animal Removal is in charge of all Texas squirrel removal needs.









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“”Watching Omega work, rodent control seems more like construction than game hunting.”



Omega Animal Removal does not only take care of rodent control or squirrel removal. Our Wildlife Specialists are trained in the behavior of many different species. All of our team members are animal lovers, and our services always reflect that. Omega Animal Removal’s teams conduct all of our services with the utmost respect and love for animals, and we take pride in our humane rat, raccoon, squirrel and opossum removal from houses all over San Antonio, Texas. The wildlife removal and control services offered by Omega Animal removal are the best services in the industry, and we back that up with the care that our Wildlife Specialists put in each and every wildlife species that we are contracted to safely take care of.

Are Rats in Your Attic?

Rodent removal and control is Omega Animal Removal’s specialty in San Antonio. We are nothing like pest control companies; we have Wildlife Specialists that know everything about the behavior, biology and pattern of rodents and their lifestyle. Putting poison into your attic is not a service that you will find at Omega Animal Removal. Our specialists study the way the rats get into your attic, and use all of their knowledge to assure you that the rodents will not return. No matter the type of rat, our specialists know all about its behaviors and patterns. In order for you to feel safe inside your home, and to be sure that your house will remain rodent free for as long as you live there, Omega Animal Removal offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our works.

Do You Have Squirrels in Your Attic?

During the spring, squirrels start to take shelter inside homes all over Texas. They are looking for safe places to nest, raise their kittens and stay away from danger. Your attic is the perfect warm place for them to make a home, and they will not stop at taking residence but also do a lot of damage during their stay. To hide from predators, a lot of squirrels inhabit San Antonio homes and create a lot of damage in the attics. Also, since squirrels carry diseases, they are a threat to your health and to the health of your family members. If you suspect the presence of squirrels in your attic, contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you can, and save money on fixing all the chewed wires and ductwork that you will find if you do not handle the squirrel problem immediately.

Omega Animal Removal’s Guarantee to You

With specialists trained to remove all wildlife species from your house or place of business in San Antonio, Texas, Omega Animal Removal can offer a complete range of services for dealing with wildlife nuisances. Aside from removing all animals, our specialists will also locate and seal all access points on the outside of your home. As soon as we are certain that there are no points of entry for the animals, we proceed to the decontamination of the attic in order to eliminate all bacteria and pheromones left behind by the wildlife species. With these techniques properly mastered, Omega Animal Removal can assure all of its clients of the success of our wildlife removal and control jobs, and can also offer the best guarantees in the industry. Don’t take our word for it, benefit from our Lifetime Guarantee with no strings attached and enjoy the care-free living in the house you love, without any wildlife species troubling you.

Omega Animal Removal swears by its wildlife removal and control services, and offers the longest guarantee in the industry for all the work provided to its clients.

Jack W in Richardson, TX says on Yelp:

“Professional and Affordable Animal Removal Company”

“We recently had issues with rodent in our house attic so we begin looking for professional and affordable animal removal company. This is when we found Omega, and their rodent removal service is best summarized as timely, knowledgeable, and professional. They came out and clearly explained our problem (rodents) and found several entry points which they were able to patch. They were also flexible and easy to work with on scheduling which made the appointments easy. All in all a great experience!!”