Especially when they're destroying your attic
Permanent Eviction Guaranteed

Methodical and long-lasting rodent control services require a complete grasp of a rat’s nature, its conduct, and demeanor, but also high-quality procedures that ensure the permanent sealing of each and every entry point. Omega Animal Removal has mastered Rodent Control and Rat Control, making us the best solution for your rodent problems. Our professionals work solely with a well-adjusted plan that starts with the understanding of rats’ behavior and the seal of entry points, and ends with decontaminating every inch of your attic.

Having a well-trained team, and a full understanding of all rodent behavior is what allowed Omega Animal Removal to develop into a mature company, a company that is not only a leader in the industry, but also has gained the recognition of customers and local agencies, and has won numerous awards for its activity.

We are so confident that the work we do for you will result in the full eradication of rats from your house that we can easily guarantee the rodents will not return. But for you to feel safe in your own home, we also offer a Lifetime Guarantee, which will cover all possible outcomes.

Just ask your chewed wires
Keep Your Sanity & Save Your Home

With the help of well-trained professionals, modern techniques and a lifetime of experience, Omega Animal Removal has managed to identify and create new procedures for the live capturing of squirrels and their removal from your home. Our special live traps permit the capture of more than one animal at once, given the fact that we might be dealing with a mother and her kittens. Unlike most of our competitors, we have a Squirrel Removal Specialist ready to intervene. From beginning to end, in the most human and modern way possible, Omega Animal Removal handles all your squirrel necessities, with professionalism and effectiveness.

And your insulation makes for a nice bed
Don't Worry... We'll Clean Up The Mess

What most removal companies don’t tell you is when you have rats in your attic, you also have nesting and breeding problems. Rodents use your drywall and your insulation to build their homes and nests. Your attic becomes their new home, leaving behind bacteria, feces and urine, which can be very hard to remove from your attic, especially since most of our competitors only handle the removing of the animals.

Luckily for our customers, the decontamination of your home is a top priority for Omega Animal Removal, and we will always make sure that we took care of all the fragments and bacteria left behind.

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Wildlife Needs to Remain in the Wild

What animal are you having a problem with?

With a team specialized in the demeanor of various animal species, Omega Animal Removal can guarantee that you will not only benefit from professionals trained to remove rodents or squirrels, but that you will also benefit from the knowledge and techniques that go into offering the full removal experience. We are known for our humane treatment of any animals, from rats or squirrels to raccoons and opossums. Homes all over Plano have benefited from our Wildlife Specialists’ services, which make it possible for all animals to be genuinely taken care of, and returned back into the wild.

Your Attic is now a Home for Rats?

Most pest control companies base their services on removing rodents form your home, but don’t cater to the more developed needs that go beyond removal. At Omega Animal Removal, we are specialized in Rodent Control, but we won’t just come, throw some poison into the affected are, and leave. Based on our experience and on the studies conducted by our professionals, it is highly important to find the exact points of entries, and prevent the rodents from ever coming back. Also, discussing these aspects with the home owner is something we always take into consideration, so that you can understand how rodent infestation works, and what it needs to bring safety back into your home. The Lifetime Guarantee offered by Omega Animal Removal is a testimonial of the quality that we provide, and of the fact that we can assure you a rat-free environment.

Are Squirrels Roaming Around Your Attic?

Squirrels belong in nature, not your home. Spring is the perfect season for them to enter homes and invade attics all over Plano, and as you know, the repercussions are anything but pleasant, and can vary from minor damages to bacteria or diseases. Your attic is the perfect place for them to stay warm and out of sight from predators, which is why squirrels love to bundle up inside your home, and create a home of their own. One of the main problems with these animals is that they are diurnal, making it close to impossible from hearing them when you are at home. If you do find them, contact us as soon as possible, to assess the damages and take care of their removal, before the damages pile up, and you lose thousands of dollars on fixing chewed wires or ductwork.

Omega Animal Removal’s Guarantee

With professionals highly trained to take care of problems that occur with animal infestation, Omega Animal Removal provides the best of services to ensure that your home or place of business is free of any dangers created by wildlife building a home inside your attic. As soon all entry points are found and sealed, we proceed to decontaminating your home, and removing any source of disease, such as bacteria and debris. From finding the problem and coming up with a solution based on years of experience and wildlife knowledge, to decontamination, Omega Animal Removal can assure you of a worry-free living. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. With a Lifetime Guarantee and lots of successful jobs in our portfolio, all home owners benefit from a transparent and well-documented process, unlike what you will get from other companies in the industry.

Removing wildlife from your home is our business, and we do it will all the professionalism and dedication that all companies should, by offering the longest guarantee in the industry and the utmost transparency.