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Opossums are scavengers and often find themselves in urban settings. Once opossums find a stable food source and a safe place to nest, they will typically invade people’s homes and destroy attics, crawlspaces, properties and yards. Due to the serious diseases that opossums carry, they are classified as a threat to humans and must be removed from human-inhabited locations. People usually call Omega Animal Removal in Dallas & Houston when having issues with opossums taking shelter inside their attics, living under their decks, stealing the food of pets or birds and posing a threat to children and pets.

For these reasons, the best solution for dealing with opossums in Dallas is to contact one of Omega Animal Removal’s Opossum Specialists and arrange a consultation. When removing opossums from your property, Omega Animal Removal is completely aware of the legislation in your area, as well as practicing professional, humane trapping and removal of the opossums.

Whether you are having problems with opossums on your property or have opossums inside your attic, it is imperative to call one of our Opossum Removal Specialists to set up an opossum control consultation. During this time he or she will identify all the entry points and the damages that the opossums have caused. Our Opossum Removal Specialist will also explain why proper attic decontamination is necessary following an opossum infestation. Once he or she has created a tailor made plan to resolve your opossum issue for good, they will be able to begin the work immediately on site.

Some people try to deal with the opossum infestation on their own, and turn to urine-based repellents, mothball repellents or high-pitch noisemakers. Unfortunately, none of these solutions work properly on opossums. The most you can achieve with these techniques is to annoy the animal and cause it move to a different location on your property.

Proper opossum removal and control depends upon Opossum Control Specialists who are highly trained to deal with any type of situation and have extensively studied the behavior and living patterns of opossums. This affords him or her the knowledge of how to safely and humanely remove opossums from your attic, crawlspace or property and permanently prevent the opossums from ever returning.










If you think your attic, crawlspace or property has been invaded by opossums, there are a few signs to be on the lookout for.

The first sign of an opossum infestation is, of course, spotting one or more opossums near your home, under your deck, inside your attic or in other similar places.
Disturbed garbage cans and stolen pet food are also good signs.
Opossums also cause major damage to lawns when they are digging for worms.
If there are opossums in your attic, you will most likely hear crawling noises, see droppings, or observe damage to the ductwork or insulation of the attic.
Another sign of the presence of opossums might be the smell of dead animals, adults or babies, coming from inside your walls or from your attic as they often get stuck in small voids and cannot get out.
Most of the time, opossums that take shelter in attics are female. They are driven by the maternal instinct to find a secure nesting location and ensure protection for the babies. Opossums are the only marsupial in North America and carry their babies under their belly in a pouch, much like a kangaroo.
In the winter seasons, the number of opossums in attics, or in any other warm structure on your property, significantly increases as soon as the cold weather sets in. You can even find groups of opossums living together, regardless of their solitary nature.

Opossums spread pathogens and parasites inside your house, attic, or crawlspace for the duration of their residence. This makes it imperative to contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you suspect an opossum infestation. We can arrange a meeting with one of our Opossum Removal Specialists to determine the best plan of action for dealing with your opossum infestation. Once the situation is analyzed by one of our Opossum Removal Specialists, and a solution is offered to you, the removal of the animals, the sealing of all entry points and the sanitization of the attic, crawlspace or deck are the next steps to permanently solving your opossum infestation.

Opossums are lazy, opportunistic animals and look for easy meals. This constantly brings them into contact with families and their homes.
Opossums love nesting in attics and crawlspaces. Opossum infestations frequently lead to flea infestations and can be a nightmare for your family or your pets.

Opossums have the unique ability to “play dead.”

There exists more than 60 species of opossums. The most common one is the Virginia opossum (also known as the common opossum).

Opossums are magnificent tree-climbers, and often spend a lot of time in trees. With their sharp claws and long tail, they can easily climb and create nests in tree holes.

Adult opossums can reach a height of two feet, and a weight of about ten pounds.
Opossums are omnivorous mammals, and eat just about anything, from meat to garbage to pet food.
Even though they have excellent immune systems, opossums have short life spans of around three years. The life span of an opossum is bigger in urban areas, as opposed to those in the wild.
At birth, the baby opossum can be as tiny as a honeybee, and needs their mother’s pouch to continue growing.
Opossums also eat nuts, fruits, and grass.
Opossums have a kind of superpower when it comes to snakes. They have partial or even total immunity to snake venom: including cottonmouths, rattlesnake and other pit vipers.
Opossums are smart animals, and have an excellent ability of remembering where they found food, and also of finding their way out of a maze.
Opossums are great pest controllers, because they eat snails, beetles and other pests that can be found in a garden.
The tail of an opossum are adapted to wrapping around trees.
Opossums have excellent night vision due to their large pupils.
Female opossums are called jills, and male opossums are called jacks.
Opossums usually have white and grey fur, but in rare cases they can be brown, black or albino.

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