Hiring a Professional Is the Best Idea for Snake Removal in Dallas
November, 10 2021
There are some instances when it can be easier to remove pests all on your own. Smaller animals such as ants can be quick and easy to remove from the home. But sometimes, rodent removal requires the help of a Dallas professional. Snakes can and will find a way into the home, especially into dark, damp spaces or spaces with mice that can provide them with a food source. When you encounter a snake in your home, there could be more. Here are three reasons why hiring a professional for snake removal in Dallas is the best idea.
​ 3 Reasons Rats Are Attracted to Your Home
October, 18 2021
The winter time may be an unexpected rest from rat problems because rats do not breed during winter. But that doesn’t mean your rat control problem has gone away for good. Rats will seek shelter in warm Dallas attics or in places that provide many food sources, especially in the fall and winter as they prepare for the cold to set in. Then, when spring does come, it could be rat central in your home. Here are several reasons why rats may be attracted to your house.
Top Signs You Need Rat Removal Services
September, 16 2021
Trying to figure out that you have a rat in your home isn’t always an easy task due to their cleverness. However, being able to recognize the signs of a rat infestation will enable you to quickly handle the issue. Whether you choose to contact a professional service or deal with the removal of rats at home, being able to identify these signs will help you in getting ahead of the issue before it becomes a major problem. If you are looking for rat removal services in the Dallas area, be sure to check out Omega Animal Removal and the great services they offer.
4 Most Common Rodent Entry Points
August, 23 2021
No one wants rodents of any kind in their homes, but often we don’t think about preventing their entry until they’re already inside. At Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, our rat removal and rodent control services aim to not only remove the pest, but also stop it from returning. Whether you suspect a critter running around inside, have proof of an infestation, or simply want to get ahead of potential rat removal problems, here are the 4 most common rodent entry points that you need to pay attention to.
Snake Removal in Dallas
July, 13 2021
For many, just the thought of snakes is an unpleasant one, not to mention snakes in and around the home. While the sight of snakes may send you running, it’s still important to address the problem head-on so that snake infestation doesn’t become a problem in your home. While snake removal is sometimes controversial due to “helpful” snakes, it’s important to note there is no such thing as a harmless snake. While not all are poisonous, they all can bite as well as cause other problems. Some snakes to be on the lookout for include rattlesnakes, copperheads, boas, garter snakes, cottonmouths, milk snakes, rat snakes, or hognose snakes.
Common Questions About Rodent Removal Service
June, 15 2021
When you notice the presence of rodents in or around your home, you may need to get in touch with a Dallas rodent removal company. You want to ensure you contact a reliable, expert rodent removal company that can take care of the job the first time and keep those pesky rodents from continuing to invade your home. Before scheduling your rodent removal services, you may first have a few questions. Here are some commonly asked questions when considering rodent removal for your family.
Summer Squirrel Removal Service
May, 11 2021
A large part of squirrel removal services is removing squirrels after they have made your home their home. But ultimately, the goal is prevention. Summertime is one of the best times to squirrel proof your home as squirrels are spending more time outdoors and less time seeking shelter. Dallas summer squirrel removal services can go a long way in keeping squirrels out this fall and winter.
​ What Every Homeowner Should Know About Deer Mice
April, 8 2021
Rodents in the home aren't uncommon, especially as rodents seek to find food, water, or shelter. But deer mice can pose a particular threat to homeowners. Deer mice are carriers of the Hantavirus, which can be dangerous for you and your loved ones. Thankfully, Dallas rodent removal specialists can help rid your home of deer mice to keep you and your family safe. Here’s what to know about these rodents so that you can recognize signs of deer mice in your home and know what to do should you suspect an infestation.
All the Things You Never Wanted to Know About Roof Rats
March, 5 2021
Most people don’t spend their days researching types of rat species online, but if you’re here reading this, we suspect you have a rat problem at your Dallas home. First and foremost, get on the phone and schedule an inspection with Omega Animal Removal. Our experts are trained and highly experienced in identifying different types of rodents that are common in Dallas. Second, read on to get a better idea of these pesky critters and what you can do to dissuade them from coming in and around your home.
Most Common Rodents That Get into Dallas Homes
February, 11 2021
Some people think it’s crazy to own any type of rodent as a pet, while others think they’re adorable cuddly creatures who make excellent furry friends. However, just about everyone agrees that having a wild rodent in your home is not acceptable or enjoyable in every way. From creating fire hazards by chewing electrical cords to leaving droppings in far too many places, it’s an easily-agreed upon consensus that wild rodents belong outdoors.