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Rodent Control, rodent removal and rat removal are Omega Animal Removal’s specializations. Proper long term, permanent rodent control solutions takes an understanding of the habits and behaviors of rats, as well as, advanced techniques to make sure that every possible entry point on the home is sealed permanently. Once those two steps are thoroughly and properly executed, it is imperative to properly decontaminate your attic space.

Our DallasHouston and Austin Texas Rodent Control Specialist’s comprehensive training, determination, customer service and understanding of rodent behavior have facilitated our rise to becoming the leading rodent control firm in the nation. Thanks to our amazing team members, we have achieved multiple service awards from Angie’s List, the BBB and other national agencies for our dedication to permanently resolving rat infestations.

Our approach to permanently resolving and remediating rat infestations is so thorough and detailed that we confidently guarantee the eradication of rats from your attic. So confidently that we even guarantee that they will never find their way back in. If for some reason rats did find their way back into your attic, then you are completely covered under our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee. Rodent removal in Dallas & Houston is our specialty. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our Dallas, Houston or Austin Rodent Control Specialists!









Featured in the Dallas Observer

“”Watching Omega work, rodent control seems more like construction than game hunting.”


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Jack W in Richardson, TX says on Yelp:

“Professional and Affordable Animal Removal Company”

“We recently had issues with rodent in our house attic so we begin looking for professional and affordable animal removal company. This is when we found Omega, and their rodent removal service is best summarized as timely, knowledgeable, and professional. They came out and clearly explained our problem (rodents) and found several entry points which they were able to patch. They were also flexible and easy to work with on scheduling which made the appointments easy. All in all a great experience!!”

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