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A full-home exclusion entails putting in place preventive measures to restrict animals from reentering a home. Identifying and blocking off entry points the animals use to gain access are essential for a successful exclusion operation. Proper exclusion calls for expert knowledge and an almost intuitive understanding of rodent behavior. That is why, to be effective, the exclusion procedure should be carried out by trained professionals with hands-on experience.

Omega’s Rodent Control Specialists are highly skilled professionals who have a proven track record of excellence in animal control. The knowledge and experience we bring to each project are ultimately what set us apart in a competitive industry. Our core strength is our ability to assess the scale and seriousness of an infestation accurately and to carry out the exclusion in a way that gives us the confidence to offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Compared to our competition, we pinpoint the root causes of an infestation rather than simply treat the after-effects of the problem. Whereas others are only able to find and treat the most obvious structural vulnerabilities, we find even the most difficult and hard-to-find entry points that are not readily apparent. This basic difference in approach and understanding is why no one else offers a service guarantee beyond a year.


Most rodent control services use spray foam as the primary line of defense to keep out rats and other rodents. Spray foam does have its uses, particularly in sealing windows and pipe gaps, but it’s not an appropriate material to prevent rats from reentering the attic. This is because rats and squirrels typically breach a home’s boundary by chewing into wooden structures on the roofline, and enter through areas that are already degraded due to wear and tear. Using spray foam to plug the holes is ineffective because the animals can chew their way right back in. If an infestation reappears after an exclusion, the whole process must be started from scratch, adding to the total bill.

What sets Omega Animal Removal apart from the rest is its comprehensive exclusion, which relies solely on metal-based products. Unlike spray foam, common pests such as rats, squirrels, raccoons and opossums cannot chew through the metal to get into the attic. An Omega exclusion is a sturdy, solid reinforcement to your home’s defenses and gives you the peace of mind that your home is fully protected by the best in the industry. Complementing our high-quality metal products are high-grade, industrial-strength waterproof sealants that hold everything in place. It is due to the superior craftsmanship of our on-site team and our product selection that we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee with full confidence.

Our Rodent Control Specialists understand how much your home means to you. No matter the severity of the infestation or the scope of the exclusion work required, we ensure the structural integrity and aesthetics of your home is never compromised. After a successful exclusion, the final result is a fortified residential structure where every material added is painted and finished to look exactly (or as close to as possible) to the exterior of the home.

Not only will Omega’s exclusion services add to the value of your home and protect your family from pesky pests, it will also look great! Ask your Rodent Control Specialist for before-after pictures during the first visit to see for yourself the level of craftsmanship you can expect from us.