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Living with rodents in your home puts you and your family’s health at risk. The threat of exposure is even greater when it is your business premises. Here the risk is spread out to your customers too, and can potentially harm the reputation of your business. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly clean up the attic of your home or business any time you have an animal infestation.

Omega Animal Removal is your go-to agency for professional Rodent Control Specialists in Southlake. Our professionals are called upon by customers whose air conditioning ducts have been chewed and ripped apart by the rodents. This is especially dangerous as the air around the place gets all contaminated by fungal and bacterial products of the animal filth. When your family or customers breathe this air in, their chances of contracting serious diseases increase dramatically.

Our team of certified Rodent Specialists clean up the urine, nests, feces, and the pheromones from rats that are left behind in your home. These materials are potentially very toxic and must therefore be handled only by professionals certified to carry out such activities. The procedures require a considerable level of caution. No one is more qualified than Omega Animal Removal in the help you contain the filth and the subsequent sanitization of your attic.


We use superior quality products and methods to decontaminate your attic. Our company is the market leader in attic sanitization and refinement services. Omega Animal Removal uses a fogging systems that perfectly expels tiny particles designed to disinfect and sanitize your. We understand just how crucial it is to handle the animal urine, feces and filth they leave behind when they are removed. We administer a double series fogging procedure to all homes. There are cases, however, that involve utilizing a third fogging treatment when opossums, rats or squirrels have caused serious infestations.

We begin with an anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial disinfection fogging treatment. The disinfectant eliminates all pollutants and pheromones from your attic. This often takes a few hours and is left to settle overnight prior to the commencement of the second treatment phase. Our specialists recommend that your family does not come into contact with the treated area for a minimum of two hours immediately following the procedure.

The second phase of our attic fogging series involves removing of the odor by using a specialized sanitizer. The sanitizer has been tailored to eliminate all urine and other odors lingering around the place. At this point, your attic is left decontaminated and essentially safe for all human habitation.

There is our third fogging treatment particularly designed for killing fleas, roaches and mites often associated with particular rodent species. It also helps inhibit the growth of the eggs usually left behind by the insects. The treatment is used after the infestation by opossum or rats has been removed

We often recommend insulation upgrades in cases where the client’s home has insulation that does not meet the standard minimum insulation requirements. Our specialists may blow in some ISP insulation of fiberglass to an R-38 ensuring that your loft is now fully sanitized along with optimum energy efficiency.


Some of these rodents leave behind feces that are potentially dangerous if you come in contact with them. Raccoon feces for instance usually contain a certain type of roundworm that can stay alive in the dry feces for several years and infect you and the people around that may come in contact it. This can result in a number of diseases including leptospirosis, rickettsia rickettii, salmonella and trypanosoma cruzi.

Opossums, mice, rats, skunks, snakes and squirrels are not any safer. Their feces have parasites that can cause a variety of diseases. It is therefore recommended that all animal waste is handled by nobody other than certified professionals who know exactly how to go about the processes and have the necessary gear for the work. Omega Animal Removal has the only Rodent Control Specialists you can trust for your Southlake rodent management.