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Question: I have had other companies tell me that they offer a Lifetime Guarantee. What is different about between the guarantee they offer and Omega’s Lifetime Guarantee?

Answer: There are many differences between our Lifetime Guarantee and the “Lifetime Guarantee” that other companies offer. The most obvious and drastic difference is that our lifetime guarantee is actually for the entire home and not just the work that we completed. There is no other company in our industry that offers a lifetime warranty on your entire home. Even when other companies are possibly offering you a “lifetime guarantee”, the guarantee is only on the work that they originally completed. This means that if at any point in the future animals find their way back into your attic through a new area, then you will have to pay to have the animals removed and the entry point closed. That’s not a true lifetime guarantee.

When you choose to work with Omega Animal Removal, our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee encompasses your entire home. If at any point at all in the future animals find their way back into your attic or home, then our team of Rodent Control Specialists will come back out to your home and remove the animals, close the entry points and fog the attic at absolutely no charge to you at all. This means that if you’re under warranty with us and rats, squirrels, raccoons or any other mammal besides bats chew a new entry point through some totally obscure area on your home, then its covered.

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Question: I had one of your competitors tell me that it is impossible to warranty the entire home against future rodent/ nuisance wildlife infestations. If that’s the case, then how could you possibly guarantee the entire home against future rodent infestations?

Answer: The only reason that we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on your home entire home is because of how thorough our full home exclusion work is. When our Wildlife Specialists seal off all of the current and potential future entry points around your home; they are trained (and continually quality control checked) to seal off/reinforce every single possible area on your home that could be susceptible to future re-entry by rats, squirrels or other nuisance wildlife animals.

The truth is, structurally, there are only so many places that animals can find their way into your attic/home. Our team of Wildlife Specialists and Home Exclusion Specialists are expertly trained to identify and comprehensively understand these structural areas around the home that can be compromised by rats, squirrels and other nuisance wildlife. They will specifically reinforce, rebuild or seal off any and all of these areas that could possibly be comprised by rodents or other nuisance wildlife anytime in the future. This, combined with our attention to detail and dedication to permanently resolving your problem, is why we are the only company in our industry to offer a full home, gimmick-free Lifetime Guarantee against rats, squirrels and all other nuisance wildlife.

An Actual Copy of Omega Animal Removal’s Lifetime Guarantee

Omega Animal Removal believes that, as a homeowner, you deserve excellence when it comes to protecting your family and your life’s largest investment. That’s why we guarantee to protect your home, and your family, from the destruction that nuisance wildlife can cause. This ensures all of our clients with an unsurpassed peace of mind knowing that their home has been professionally remediated. Our impeccable reputation, incomparable customer service and exceedingly positive customer reviews are a testimony to our dedication towards each and every one of our clients.

To begin with, we guarantee to resolve the immediate nuisance wildlife issue you are experiencing. After remediating your initial nuisance wildlife issue by completing all of our recommended work on your home; we guarantee that, for as long as you own your home, you will have absolutely no more nuisance wildlife issues… period. It’s that simple. If at anytime during the duration of your warranty animals re-enter the originally serviced structure, then we will come back and resolve the issue at absolutely no charge. Whether the animals create an entirely new entry point, or they breach the work that we performed; we will be there to get them out and fix the issue. In the event that any animals find re-entry following a full attic restoration; Omega Animal Removal will not remove and replace the attic insulation again. We will however, remove the animals, identify and close the entry points and decontaminate the attic by way of our attic fogging treatment. We will also remove any pockets of visible feces or nesting sites that may have been incurred during the re-infestation.

Due to the fact that every nuisance wildlife infestation is unique and varies in terms of severity, we cannot always offer our unrivaled Lifetime Guarantee. In some circumstances we require a full attic restoration be completed on the home before we have the ability to offer our Lifetime Guarantee. These circumstances include but are not limited to: unmitigated excremental saturation of the existing attic insulation, chewed or damaged electrical wiring, chewed or damaged duct work, extensive chewing of structural beams and excessive chewing on the exterior of the home. If the overall severity of the infestation is normal and the exterior of the home is well maintained (e.g. no rotting wood, no loose bricks, no foundation cracks, no loose siding or fascia boards, etc…), then we may still offer our Lifetime Guarantee if you decide to move forward with ALL of the services/work recommended by our representative.

If for any of the reasons explained above, we are not able to provide your home with a Lifetime Guarantee, then we will still provide your home with our standard, industry leading 5-year guarantee when we complete our standard 3-phase process to remediate your nuisance wildlife infestation. Other guarantees offered are constructed on a case-by-case basis due to the fact that not every home/commercial building can be guaranteed for an extensive amount of time. This allows Omega Animal Removal to provide you with unsurpassed peace of mind, knowing that you have the nation’s number one rodent control and wildlife control firm in the country working with you… no matter how extensive the work may be.

Our 5-year and Lifetime Guarantees require annual inspections of the exterior of the home. In the event that our representative is alerted to any possible issues during the annual exterior inspection, they will immediately call to setup an appointment for a full interior inspection as well. Our annual inspections begin exactly 12 months after the completion of the original work and are required to be covered by our guarantee. The inspection dates are automatically generated by our software system and the inspection will be completed within a 30-day window of the annual date. The annual inspection fee is $129.00 and we require a credit card on file for automatic payment withdrawals. The payment will be processed on the day the inspection is completed and our representative will leave you with a service ticket/receipt detailing their findings during the inspection. Failure to comply or pay for an annual inspection within 90 days of due date renders this guarantee void, in its entirety. Please read through our terms and conditions for more information regarding our 5-year and Lifetime Guarantees. They can be found on our website at









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“We recently had issues with rodent in our house attic so we begin looking for professional and affordable animal removal company. This is when we found Omega, and their rodent removal service is best summarized as timely, knowledgeable, and professional. They came out and clearly explained our problem (rodents) and found several entry points which they were able to patch. They were also flexible and easy to work with on scheduling which made the appointments easy. All in all a great experience!!”

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