Skunk Control and Removal in Dallas, Texas

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A skunk’s appearance is as distinct as the odor it emits. While these black furry creatures with white stripes might look cuddly and cute, their sharp claws and strong, musky scent are just two reasons to avoid any up-close encounters. Skunks have become well adapted to urban life in Dallas, Texas, and they will eat anything including plants, trash, bugs, rodents, reptiles and even your outdoor pet’s food. Skunks often invade gardens and hen houses and will dig dens right next to home’s and commercial buildings, making them a nuisance you’ll want removed.

Skunks are often smelled before they are seen on your property. Their scent is used as a defense mechanism, and it’s undeniably pungent. It lingers in the air for hours and anything that comes in physical contact with can smell like skunk for days or even weeks—the stench alone is why many opt to call a professional to remedy the situation. As if their smell isn’t enough to prompt you to have them removed, there are several other reasons you’ll want these furry creatures gone from the premises.

Skunks are a significant carrier of rabies in the United States. Plus, their tendency to settle in urbanized areas makes them a double threat to you, your family or coworkers. Skunks can carry a wide array of parasites and diseases including leptospirosis and an intestinal roundworm called baylisascaris columnaris, distemper, canine hepatitis, fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Skunks can transfer any of these to your pets and cause them serious harm and/or death.

Call Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, Texas to have us come out to your home or business and assess the situation. When you call us to handle a removal, our Skunk Removal Specialist will survey the area to determine how many of them are living on your property and where they are denning. We use humane trapping methods to remove and relocate all skunks, and then commence professional exclusion services to seal off the dens to keep the critters out for good.

Our specialist will also make recommendations for property owners to take to ensure more skunks don’t take up residence in the future. Once such measure includes clearing out brush, woodpiles, vegetation and other areas to eliminate any potential new dens.

Once your skunk issue in Dallas, Texas has been resolved, you can rest easy with Omega Animal Removal’s outstanding guarantee.


If you suspect you have one or more skunks lurking around your home or commercial building in Dallas, Texas, here are some indicators to look for:

  • Small conical holes in your yard and garden from forging for food.
  • Torn open trash bags and empty outdoor pet bowls.
  • Burrows in or near building foundations, woodpiles, hen houses under piles of leaves etc.
  • The smell—the vile stench of a skunk is easily recognizable.