A critical first step in solving the pest problems in your home is finding out what sort of critters you are sharing your home and yard with. Some types of pests are simple to spot and don’t require much investigation or knowledge of the animal itself. Flying insects, ants, earwigs, roaches, mosquitos, spiders, silverfish, and more are likely to make themselves pretty well known in the course of their normal movements. We can put that category to the side for a moment and discuss some of the more stealthy pests that can be difficult to put a finger on.

Some types of pests can tend to hide more effectively than the aforementioned, and in those cases, you need to be armed with a basic knowledge of pest behavior. No matter what type of critter you may find in your home, you definitely want to seek out the pest and rat removal experts at Omega Animal Removalto restore your home to its former pest-free glory.


Mice and rats are the most common unwanted inhabitants of your home. You may notice them in attics, basements, or crawlspace areas, and more specifically amidst clutter or food sources. They are notorious for doing damage to wiring, insulation, and other parts of your less often traveled spaces. If you see chewed up parts of your wiring and framing, you should think rodent first and call the rodent control experts.


Snakes are actually one pest that it is highly unlikely you will come face to face with. They dislike our presence nearly as much as we dislike theirs. You may find evidence of a snake when you see signs such as trail marks or holes in softer dirt areas or a telltale snakeskin shed from hibernation times. Call us without hesitation if you suspect snakes in your yard, since we know very few homeowners desire to deal with snakes themselves!

Bed Bugs

Many people who may have bed bugs in their home fail to realize it because the bites they receive don’t cause much irritation at first. We simply aren’t looking for the signs of their presence, such as the reddish-brown spots on the mattress or bedding, bites, and even sometimes malodor. If you suspect you have bedbugs based upon these clues, call our team to have your bed bug infestation professionally resolved today.

“Omega got rid of all the unwanted pests in my house in a timely manner, without poisons, and with top-notch customer service” – E. Naifeh, Video Chat Psychiatric Care

Additionally, if you find after some inspection that the type of pest you have is still somewhat elusive, contact the pest and rat removal experts at Omega Animal Removal now to schedule your consultation.