Let’s imagine your dream home. Maybe it’s a cottage on a mountainside with fog snaking by on a morning basis, or maybe it’s a five bedroom, six bathroom beach side bungalow. Perhaps your only specification for a dream home would be a jewelry box closet in the center of your bedroom, or you’d like to live in a single tower with elevators between the floors so you can’t hear your mother-in-law snoring across the hall. Regardless of the gem-like ideals that make a residence your real-life dollhouse, the process of buying can be a massive headache. And it all comes down to the home inspection. Realtors, sellers, and buyers alike all depend upon home inspectors to deliver an accurate depiction of a home’s worth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and shifts inevitably depending on where you’re standing. This role is so important that Omega Animal Removal would suggest you add a tiny step to the regular home inspection: rodent infestation inspection.

If you place too much faith in your home inspection prior to buying or selling, you may discover the hard way that it takes a true rodent control specialist to sniff out a mice infestation. Don’t follow the unlucky woman’s footsteps in Winnipeg who bought a seemingly pristine mansion only to discover it had a hidden mouse problem on a massive scale. In this case the issue had likely been escalating for nearly five years. Tell-tale signs of infestation are often overlooked by inspectors who are not trained to find crucial subtleties. These can include droppings the size of a pencil point, urine patches, subtle scratching noises, and hairline cracks in the foundation or home exterior.

Your ideal house that has been sitting on the market for months or years, waiting for you to come along and snatch it up at a too-good-to-be-true price, could easily have contracted a rodent problem without anyone knowing. Without residents, the ready-made shelter is often inviting to mice, and without people living in close proximity it is almost impossible for the average eye to spot anything uncanny. The previous owners in Winnipeg claimed they had never noticed anything out of the ordinary, and that home had mice urine and feces in every corner of drywall and patch of insulation possible. The new owner attempted to sue for damages reaching into the tens of thousands, but how can you make a case when both your and their home inspector missed the signs as well as the family living happily in the infested space for years?

Don’t hesitate to give yourself peace of mind as the buyer or seller in the home purchase process. Call a rodent control specialist today at Omega Animal Removal to make sure your home is truly mice free.