If you have a pesky mouse or rat running around in your home the problem is more than merely unsightly. Rodents are significant health risks and run the danger of infecting your family with diseases in a variety of ways. No one asks for a rat infestation, but they are highly common, particularly in areas concentrated with large human populations. Once you identify the presence of unwanted four-legged guests, it is best to deal with the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid a multitude of health dangers.

Disease is the most immediate and harmful as well as the most common side effect of rodent infestations. They are said to carry up to 25 different diseases, and are particularly noisome when the contamination is undetectable. Some of the more problematic among these include hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), rat bite fever, swine dysentery and pseudorabies. HPS was first discovered in 1993 and does not require direct contact to spread from mice to humans. Inhalation in proximity to the feces or urine or touching items contaminated by mice can all lead to infection. Children are particularly susceptible. Rat bite fever is another dangerous liability and can appear anywhere between a few days to a few months after skin-to-skin contact with a rodent. The symptoms manifest themselves as chills, fever, vomiting, headache, muscle and joint pain, rashes on hands and feet and swollen joints. These and many other diseases make it important to act quickly if you suspect an infestation. It is also a good idea to have your home checked regularly to make sure there is no possibility of entry by wild rodents.

Food contamination is a common issue with mice as they can fit through the smallest hairline crack and chew through almost any material including wood and cardboard. The smallest of holes in your sugar carton or food containers is often evidence of an infestation.

Sleepless nights is a side effect that is both highly obnoxious and highly unhealthy. People consistently underestimate the necessity of a good night’s sleep. Inadequate sleep patterns wear down the body physically and mentally, and it is important to handle a rodent problem immediately when it is keeping you up at night, from noises both real and imagined.

The mess made by mice and rats may seem insignificant next to a toddler, but the droppings and proximity to food is highly dangerous to children and adults alike. The Center for Disease Control presents specific instructions for the process of cleaning up after mice and rodents, and one of the first steps is to seal your home against further invasion. Omega Animal Removal is the premier rodent removal service in the United States because we understand the importance of exclusion and decontamination. Rats and mice leave pheromone trails throughout an infested home, and we perform our removal and exclusion processes on a permanent basis by getting rid of each and every possible trace.

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