Bees are an integral aspect of our ecosystem. Without bees, the pollination process would be stifled causing a major impact on economies around the world as agriculture would grind to a halt; not to mention, where would we get our honey?

Bees are important, but that importance is hard to respect when a bee colony takes up residence in or around your home causing a threat to your kids and pets and potential damage to your home. Removing these bees safely, both to the individual and the bees, can be difficult and warrants the use of professionals.

Omega Animal Removal has the skills and the ability to address your bee problem and provide you with bee removal services that can allow you to have peace of mind while your kids are outside playing in the yard. Bees are important and can be fun to watch, but too many bees in close proximity to humans can provide a threat to the safety of those humans. Some reports say that between 90-100 people die every year from allergic reactions to bee stings.

Let Omega Animal Removal take away that fear for you and your family and help ensure that your yard is a safe play space for your kids. Don’t let bees take over your yard; let Omega Animal Removal take care of the problem for you.