Warmer winters mean Austin rodent removal remains an issue all year round. The endless temperate weather is a welcome feature for rats and mice who can breed on a monthly basis, allowing for up to ten litters a year. According to the government’s analysis, one of the top ten demographic trends visible in the city of Austin over the next few years is “intensifying urban sprawl.” Due to almost no land availability constraints in the surrounding area, the Austin city government expects the thousands of units being built in central and downtown Austin to be a mere drop in the proverbial bucket of expansion into the suburbs.

Growth in human population inevitably means growth in rodent populations, which prosper from close proximity with ready made shelter and sustenance in the form of man-made homes and waste. Omega Animal Removal is the premier Austin rat control service. We begin by expertly training our technicians, who understand more than just how to set a trap. Their knowledge of rodent behavior and biology allows our Rodent Removal Specialist to set your mind at ease from the first evaluation.

Determining the scope of the rodent infestation is the first of our four step process. We then proceed to trap and remove all species, decontaminate your entire space, and finally perform exclusion on your home–the most important element of our strategy. Omega Animal Removal uses the highest quality materials to seal all possible entry into your home. One of the main issues with less than meticulous rodent removal is that other rats or mice easily find their way into your home using pheromone trails that exist from the previous tenants. Our Omega Animal Removal Specialists are experts in discovering and sealing all possible nooks and crannies to make sure that reentry is not an option.

Omega Animal Removal is so confident in our success that we guarantee a permanent solution to your Austin rat infestation. All of our services come with a Lifetime Guarantee , so that if you ever do experience a repeated problem, our team will rectify the issue immediately at no charge. Call us today to set up a consultation and experience the relief when highly trained professionals remove the problem from your physical and mental space.