Thanksgiving is the annual time of year for family, good cheer and stuffing yourself silly just in time to hibernate from the winter chill. Unfortunately, a massive family-style event leaves you vulnerable to smaller creatures, eager to partake in the feast. We know you have a million and one things to consider in preparing for the holidays without adding rodent removal to the list. Omega Animal Removal is here to help you prepare for your festivities with a list of preventative measures so your Thanksgiving meal doesn’t attract unwelcome guests. Make sure you check out these helpful hints to keep your home rodent free.

  1. Garage storage – With kitchen countertops at a premium, it is tempting to keep food temporarily in the garage and out of the way during prep time. We would advise you to rethink this strategy, and when necessary be mindful about storing practices. Don’t leave food open and accessible anywhere with easy access to the outdoors. If food is not going to be placed in a refrigerator, be certain that all containers are sealed thoroughly.
  2. Close doors – When entering and exiting your home, it’s important to keep the doors closed as much as possible. Particularly where you have overgrown branches or shrubbery near the entrances, as mice can hide here before scurrying past when you’re not looking. (Keeping the doors shut is also useful for avoiding massive heating bills, something easily compromised by a door left open for only a few minutes.)
  3. Secure pet doors – Similarly, pet doors are easy access points for rodents and raccoons alike. Make sure to securely close all pet entrances overnight.
  4. Tips for leftovers – Next day leftovers are one of the greatest thing about Thanksgiving. The flavors have had a bit more time to blend together and just when you thought you wouldn’t eat another bite until spring, you find your stomach is grumbling. Make sure you safely secure all leftovers immediately following the meal in leak-proof, sealed containers. Garbage disposal is equally important. Put all perishable food in a tightly closed plastic bag and remove it to your outdoor trash can as soon as possible.
  5. Sweep and clean – It can be tempting after such a large meal to put off the dishes until a more energetic time. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Unless you are looking to provide a welcome mat for grateful mice and rodents, don’t wait to sweep and mop your floor following the main event. You never know where gravy drops and bread crumbs might become the midnight feast of silent scavengers.
  6. Keep trash cans elevated – Finally, a useful preventative measure, especially for your outdoor bins, is to keep the trash cans elevated off the ground and to check the corners and sides for hairline cracks and holes. Mice are very flexible and can squeeze through spaces smaller than a dime, and raccoons are known for their dexterity in getting into outdoor garbage bins. Keep the cans off the ground and locked shut when possible.

We hope these tips will keep your Thanksgiving stress-free in the wake of any potential family theatrics. The last thing you need to worry about are unwanted foragers among your holiday leftovers. If you do find yourself suspicious of a possible invasion, don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal, no matter if you’re in Los AngelesDallas or even Tampa. Our experienced professionals are efficient and quick to facilitate mice removal as soon as you request it.