• Full Residential Exclusions for Tampa Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Tampa Homes and Properties

    If animals have infested your Tampa home, they already have created entry points by chewing and scratching. After our professionals have located all of these holes, they will need to be patched and sealed through our exclusion process. This will ensure that the animals can no longer access your home through the now-covered entry points.

    The exclusion process is highly detailed, and requires a great amount of skill. Only Rodent Control Specialists are able to perform them properly, as their training enables them to install seals so that animals will have no way of getting back in. The seals installed are designed with the nuisance animal’s behavior in mind for the most effective solution.

    Whereas many of our competitors think that spray foam is a viable option for keeping rodents out, we're here to tell you otherwise. If rats and squirrels can chew through wood, they won't have a problem getting through the foam, which is why we only use high grade metal materials to keep pests out. We even go the extra mile to paint all covers and seals to match your home, returning it to the way it looked before your animal problems.

    Because our Rodent Control Specialists are trained experts, we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on our exclusion services. It is this that separates us from the competition. They usually have trouble even locating all entry points, let alone installing proper seals. Our applied knowledge beats them out every time.

    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion
    An example of a very bad exclusion job
    This is what our competition thinks exclusion is
  • Exclusion Services in Tampa

    Exclusion Services in Tampa

    We are experts in the nuisance animals we handle, and therefore, do not underestimate them. We know that they have both strength and intelligence on their side, enabling them to get past most standard exclusion seals. This is why we don’t settle for standard solutions.

    Most Tampa animal removal services use spray foams and weak wire mesh to patch animal entry points. Animals can chew through these with ease, meaning you will need to spend thousands of dollar more on repeat exclusion procedures. This does not occur with Omega Animal Removal. We don’t want repeat customers. We want satisfied ones.

    For this reason, we use all metal-based materials when sealing off your home. This will guarantee that the animals will never be able to re-enter through the old entry point, no matter if they’re rats, squirrels, opossums, etc. All metal coverings are made airtight with the highest-grade, weatherproof outdoor sealants. In order to return your home to the same beautiful state it was in before animal infestation, we also paint over the seals and covers to match your home’s exterior. You’ll have top quality exclusion fittings, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your abode.

    Fixing damage done by a raccoon
    Raccoon damage