Opossum Control and Removal in San Diego, California

  • Don't Share Your San Diego Home With an Opossum—Remove It

    Don't Share Your San Diego Home With an Opossum—Remove It

    Opossums are the only marsupial animal to be found in North America, and though they pose a threat to humans once they make a home of private residences or commercial buildings, they are in no way related to rodents. Opossums are commonly recognized as highly skittish creatures around humans, and this leads people to assume they are uncomfortable in urban spaces. This could not be further from the truth. Opossums will do everything possible to avoid contact with a person, but they have a highly adaptive metabolism and lifestyle. They are in no way above the easy access to shelter, pet food and garbage ripe for scavenging found in homes and businesses.

    Opossums are notorious mite, flea and parasite carriers and can infest your entire home in a matter of days, endangering you and your pets and frequently causing allergic reactions. This can lead to mandatory full home insulation replacement. Opossums are not usually aggressive animals and are better known for playing dead than for attacking humans or pets, though they will occasionally hiss at you when feeling threatened. Opossums are nocturnal, nomadic animals that live on a solitary basis except when nesting or mating. They are about the size of a large cat with a long, scaly tail, and highly adept climbers.

    Omega Animal Removal has a team of licensed, trained professionals skilled at recognizing opossum behavioral patterns. It is inadvisable to attempt to remove an opossum yourself. Even if you were successful in trapping and removing the animal, the spaces used to enter your home should be found and sealed to prevent other wildlife making their way inside.

  • Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    • Noises that sound like someone walking around upstairs or hissing sounds
    • Droppings the size of a cat or small dog
    • Urine patches
    • Leaves and debris in random parts of your attic or crawlspaces
  • Omega Animal Removal Can Help With an Opossum Infestation

    Omega Animal Removal Can Help With an Opossum Infestation

    As soon as you have recognized the signs of an opossum infestation in your San Diego, California home, contact Omega Animal Removal. One of our Opossum Specialists will visit you and conduct a full inspection inside your attic and home as well as the area surrounding your property, to determine if indeed the animals are opossums. We then develop a personalized solution for opossum removal and control.

    1. When our Opossum Specialist inspects your home, he or she will look for tunneling in the insulation, nesting sites, traces of urine, excrement, gathered leaves and any other opossum waste. He or she will also find all entry points that were used by the animal(s) to get inside your home.
    2. After this first evaluative step, the second step is to trap and remove all of the opossums from your property, using only live traps and excluder valves. Our team does not use leather trapping or any less than humane methods of removal, always treating the animals with care and consideration.
    3. The third step includes the sealing of all the points that were used by the opossums to enter the home. This is done with heavy duty metal-based products that are weather resistant, and our Omega Specialist will then paint over the materials matching your home so these previous nooks and crannies are all but unrecognizable. This exclusion process prevents opossums from ever entering your home in the future.
    4. The fourth and final step, as soon as all the entry points are sealed, our Opossum Control Specialist will talk to the homeowner and explain the necessity of removing all the infested insulation and also explain how we conduct the sanitization and decontamination of the attic.

    Because fleas, mites and parasites are common byproducts of opossum infestations, your insulation will most likely need to be completely removed. Omega Animal Removal’s Opossum Specialist will apply a 3-phase fogging treatment and methodically sanitize all the spaces, so that all health risks are eliminated, and the insulation is sterile again.

    In the case of removing insulation, Omega Animal Removal will then blow-in a new wool fiberglass blanket insulation, Knauff JetStream Insulation, the best in the industry. After the opossum infestation has been fully removed from your San Diego, California home, you will benefit from Omega’s Lifetime Guarantee, unparalleled in the industry and a sign of our dedicated, fool-proof approach to opossum removal.

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