• Bees Buzzing Around Your San Diego Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees Buzzing Around Your San Diego Home or Business? We Can Help

    The bee population throughout San Diego and the greater California area is essential to the environment. Bees produce honey and beeswax naturally and help pollinate flowers and vegetation. Once a colony attaches itself to your home or office, however, they can cease to seem friendly, ecological neighbors and become a massive nuisance. They settle in large numbers that only grow rapidly over time and can make your family and customers very nervous.

    An important part of bee removal and control is establishing what type of bees are swarming your San Diego business or residence. It is almost impossible for an untrained professional to recognize a species, and the average citizen can often confuse bees with wasps, attempting to use wasp repellent on bees which is completely ineffective and only serves to annoy and anger them, putting anyone in proximity at risk of an attack. The only way to identify whether you are dealing with a dangerous species of bee or not is to contact your local Omega Animal Removal Bee Specialist to perform an inspection.

    The Africanized Honeybee is one to be wary of. While their sting is not too different from other bee species, they are particularly aggressive and known for the frantic way in which they attack humans and pets that happen to get inside the hive’s alarm zone. Also, these species of bees can travel for long distances from its hive, following their victim and attacking in larger numbers than any other domesticated honeybee. Omega’s Bee Specialists have extensively researched the behavior and attack patterns of the Africanized Honeybees and can help you with any of your San Diego bee removal and bee population control necessities, regardless of their complexity.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Call your Omega Animal Removal Bee Specialist if you recognize any of the following signs:

    • Groups of three or more bees hovering around your roof or exterior walls
    • An Increase in bee numbers swarming around flower beds
    • Buildup of waxy brown material on the sides of your home or office building
  • Removing Bee Swarms in San Diego

    Removing Bee Swarms in San Diego

    Bee swarming is the process conducted by bees when they need to develop a new colony. This often happens because their current colony is overpopulated or because of weather shifts. Bee swarms do not typically raise much concern for humans or pets, because it is a temporary formation and does not have young bees to protect, or sources of food. However, that does not mean that, when disturbed, a swarm of bees will not attack, regardless of the species. Approach them with care and contact an Omega Animal Removal Bee Specialist.

    Bee swarming usually takes place within thriving colonies and is driven by strong, growing populations and changing weather conditions. Weaker colonies first need to fully develop before expanding or splitting forces. A colony might be weakened from starvation, or if its queen has died. The swarm is directed by the queen, and the abandonment of the current colony is conducted by the queen and a group of worker bees, in search of a new place to set up shop. During the swarm, the bees find a resting place, usually in a tree, and a few scouts fly out to find a good location (a cavity or a crater for example). Once the new location has been found, the queen and the worker bees leave the resting site and start the development of the new colony.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in California

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in California

    When it comes to bee removal and control around San Diego, there are many companies that offer this service, but few that do so with scientifically trained professionals and top-quality products. The first and most important step of bee removal is to be aware of the fact that it is necessary to remove the entire hive and honeycomb, in order to successfully curb the bee population and avoid future bees from taking up residence on your San Diego property. Just killing the bees will not be sufficient because the pheromones left behind in the beeswax will rapidly attract new bees.

    When an Omega Animal Removal specialist arrives at your home or workplace, in proper gear and carrying state of the art materials, the first thing he or she will do is to inform you about the nature of your bee infestation and advise you on the best course of action. Most of the time, full removal of the honeycomb and hive will mean tearing down wooden decks, walls, soffits or any other structures that have housed the bees.

    The removal of the honeycomb and control of the bees needs to be complete to ensure no future bees take up residence on your home or office. Contact Omega Animal Removal and arrange a meeting with a Bee Specialist. We will cater to your bee removal and control needs, on your San Diego, California property.