• Need an Animal Removed From Your Houston Home? Call Us Today

    Need an Animal Removed From Your Houston Home? Call Us Today

    At Omega Animal Removal, we serve Houston and surrounding areas with all-natural solutions to address your nuisance wildlife issues. We are exclusively an animal removal service provider, and don't offer pest control or other services because we understand that strict focus in one area of specialization leads to superior workmanship and results. We offer the full spectrum of animal removal services, from trapping and barricading entry points to sanitizing and decontaminating the space to a state as if the infestation never happened.

    We can also repair most types of damages caused by nuisance wildlife in your residential property in Houston. Over the years Omega has redefined the standard and set a benchmark that our competitors aspire to with a level of service, attention to detail and technological resources that are unparalleled in the industry. Today, we are Houston's foremost animal removal specialists and back each project with an industry-first Lifetime Guarantee.

    We undertake a thorough, detail-oriented process to evaluate and resolve your wildlife problem. The process starts with an initial visit to your home from an Omega Animal Removal Wildlife Specialist. During this visit our specialist will walk around the perimeter of the residence and check for potential entry points for the animals at the ground level. The specialist will also check for entry points on the roof. Most animal infestations can be traced to vulnerabilities at the roofing level, and it's very important to find all possible entry points on the roof and vents.

    After examining the exterior of the structure, the specialist will need access to the attic to check the state of the problem. Feces, trails, odors, nesting sites, damage to property and debris are all signs of a thriving infestation, and can indicate the severity of the issue as well as the type of animal causing the problem. To be able to correctly diagnose the scope of the problem, the specialist will thoroughly and carefully inspect the entire attic space, including wiring, beams and ductwork. An in-depth analysis is critical for a successful infestation removal and is only possible with close-up inspection.

    Once your case has been evaluated, our specialist will offer a professional opinion on the severity of the problem and consult on appropriate remedial measures. This includes recommended procedures, cost estimates, and service warranties and guarantees that accompany the work.

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  • Common Wildlife Nuisances In Houston, Texas

    Common Wildlife Nuisances In Houston, Texas

    With Omega Animal Removal, you're partnering with a reputable service provider with a history of excellence in resolving nuisance wildlife problems.

    We have experience with all types of nuisance wildlife problems including:

    • Rats causing damage to property in attics and crawlspaces
    • Squirrels infiltrating attics and crawlspaces
    • Armadillos invading yards and causing damage to property and foundations
    • Raccoons infesting attics and crawlspaces
    • Opossums taking shelter in attics and crawlspaces
    • Hogs overrunning yards and causing damage
    • Snakes plaguing yards and porches in spring and summer, and warm indoor spaces in colder months
    • Bees occupying homes and businesses and attacking residents
  • Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    1. Our trained specialist will trap, remove and relocate the nuisance animal(s) humanely from your home in Houston.
    2. We perform a full-home exclusion to seal off all current and potential entry points to ensure the removed animals do not find a way back in. We use only the highest-quality metal-based products for exclusion and offer the industry's best guarantee.
    3. After removing the animals and reinforcing the defenses of the home or office with a full exclusion, we decontaminate and sanitize the affected areas with a state-of-the-art fogging machine. We use hospital-grade disinfectant with powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment.
    4. We consult and work with you to find the best, most cost-effective and all-natural means to control the wildlife nuisance problem.

    At Omega Animal Removal in Houston, we advocate preventive measures to keep wildlife populations in check so you don't have to come back to us again and again!

  • Why You Should Choose Omega Animal Removal

    Why You Should Choose Omega Animal Removal

    Omega Animal Removal offers the full spectrum of nuisance wildlife services and has the people and resources to solve all major types of infestations, disturbances or damages caused by animals.

    For cases involving animals such as skunks, armadillos, moles, prairie dogs or pocket gophers, we will inspect the property line thoroughly. These animals can cause considerable yard and property damage, and a walk around the property line reveals burrows, dig marks and other indications of the presence and number of the invading animals. After the nature and size of the problem are determined, our technician will consult you on the best approach to tackle that particular type of animal.

    No matter the size of a problem, the type of animal or location in Houston, we are your number one ally in animal removal. To find out what we can do for you, give us a call today!