• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild animals destroying yards and outdoor property is an increasingly common problem here in Dallas. The spring and summer tend to bring an abundance of wildlife into contact with humans in their lawns and gardens. During the warmer months, residents experience an influx of issues arising from damage caused by armadillos, snakes, moles, pocket gophers, and other ground dwelling animals. Many of these animals spend the day asleep underground and forage through the night, so most of the damage is being done when you can’t see them, precluding you from predicting their behavior. That is why it is important to have one of our wildlife specialists come out to your Dallas home to inspect your yard and property and assess the damage these animals are causing.

    If you are suffering from obnoxious wildlife presence, you might notice damaged, dry patches of grass, holes against a building or shed, excavated dirt in piles around your lawn, holes ranging in size throughout your yard or snake skins on your property. Armadillos live in underground burrows and come out at night to dig and search for grubs and insects. These burrows will be very deep and have distinct tunnels directly against a home or structure and can stretch up to six feet underground.

    Moles can damage your lawn’s rooting system and typically consume all earthworms in their path, which are beneficial to the health of your grass. Snakes can pose serious issues when poisonous, and can cause quite a scare for you and your family. If any of these are issues that you come across please feel free to contact us immediately so that we can stop the damage, remove and relocate the animals safely. Learn more about the Common Signs Of Wildlife Damaging Your Propertyso you can be prepared to handle any animal issues.

    The signs mentioned above are not always the same for every animal even if they are the same species. Omega Animal Removal also removes and relocates other yard and property damaging animals, these are just the most common ones that our wildlife specialists come across in Dallas. Pocket gophers, moles and iguanas are also very common and should be addressed if they become an issue. Please call us if you suspect any animal of destroying your lawn or property so we can humanely remove them as necessary.

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  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Dallas, Texas

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Dallas, Texas

    • Armadillos: Armadillos are very common in Dallas, Texas and are often the cause of damage to your yard. Armadillos tend to burrow against homes, pool decks and other solid structures and can cause damage to building foundations with their extensive network of tunnels and holes underground. In addition to the dangers of their burrowing tendencies, armadillos will forage through your sod and tear it to shreds digging for grubs and insects. If you have a large burrow in your yard or against your home, or you have areas of sod that have been uprooted, you could have armadillos damaging your property.
    • Snakes: When snakes are not venomousm, they are largely harmless and cause minimal to no damage to your property or garden. In Dallas, however, there is always a chance that the snake you just saw slither between your rose bushes is a venomous species and it is generally best to be on the safe side. Call Omega Animal Removal immediately to make sure these slippery creatures don’t frighten your family or guests.
    • Nutria: Nutria are native to South Dallas, Texas and very common along golf courses. They are part of the rodent family and can become extremely large, generally residing around bodies of water. This means they tend to cause issues only if you are located near fresh water. The damage that Nutria cause to your property is done when they dig through the ground in an attempt to find grubs and insects. Generally Nutria are not as interested in scavenging human scraps as most rodents, so they are fairly easy to remove and relocate.

    While there are many other types of animals that can damage your property these are the three most common ones that we come across in the field. Please give us a call if you suspect any animals are damaging your property and we can humanely remove and relocate them as needed.

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