• Full Residential Exclusions for Dallas Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Dallas Homes and Properties

    A full home exclusion is simply closing all of the possible entry points on your home to ensure that no more animals are able to re-enter your home in any way, shape or form. Exclusion is a difficult and tedious process that takes specialized knowledge of rodent behavior and tendencies. An exclusion needs to be done by a trained Rodent Control Specialist to ensure that the rats cannot return and cause more damage. Exclusion is our Rodent Control Specialist's primary concern when they are inspecting your home.

    Our Rodent Control Specialist's training, knowledge and understanding of rat behavior allows them to excel in home exclusion techniques, and is ultimately what separates Omega Animal Removal from any other rodent control company in Dallas—that and our Lifetime Guarantee. Our competitors don't truly understand what goes into a proper exclusion and often miss many entry points on the home. This lack of understanding is the reason our competitors do not offer you a guarantee that lasts more than one year.

    Fixing damage done by a raccoon
    Raccoon damage
  • Exclusion Services in Dallas

    Exclusion Services in Dallas

    Unfortunately, most companies in our industry use spray foam to complete their exclusion work. While spray foam is great for sealing windows and pipe gaps, it is not made to keep rats out of your attic. Rats and squirrels most commonly enter the attic by chewing into susceptible wooden areas around the roofline of your home. Typically our competitors just plug the holes with spray foam, which is easy for rats to chew right back through and re-enter your attic. Once the animals are back in, the whole process must be repeated, often costing thousands of dollars more and an infinite number of headaches.

    Omega Animal Removal's specializes in full home exclusions using all metal-based products. Rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums or any other animals trying to chew back into your home's attic will never be able to penetrate the materials we use. In addition to using only metal products when closing the entry points created by the animals, we seal everything in place with only the highest-grade weatherproof outdoor sealants. We guarantee the exclusion work performed by our Rodent Control Specialists will last a lifetime.

    Our Rodent Control Specialists also understand that you have worked very hard to own your home, which is why we will treat your house as if it is our own. All of the exclusion work that our Rodent Control Specialist does on your home will be painted to match the exterior color of your home. This will make it unnoticeable from the ground level and will be very aesthetically appealing. When our Rodent Control Specialist arrives at your home for the inspection, they will be able to provide you with before and after pictures so that you can see just how effective and aesthetically appealing our exclusion work truly is.

    before an exclusion
    Damage Before An Exclusion
    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion