Opossum Control and Removal in Dallas, Texas

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Opossums are very common in the Dallas area and are frequently confused for massive rodents, though they are actually more closely related to koalas than rats. A common misconception about these shy animals is that their fear of humans leads them to avoid urban areas. Opossums are very comfortable around the conveniences of ready-made shelter and food provided by residential homes, even if they evade contact personally. They eat everything and anything, which is why it is important to keep a lock on your trash bins and avoid keeping pet food outside. Opossums are one of the most common wildlife species found in residential attics and crawlspaces. They are the size of a large cat, have gray hair and a long, scaly tail.

Opossums are not social animals, but the damage caused by a single one of these omnivorous, nocturnal animals is far-reaching. They ruin lawns when digging for food, take up residence in attics where they gather leaves and debris to create nests, steal food and overturn garbage in search of anything edible. The most dangerous factor in having an opossum in proximity is the variety of parasites they carry. They spread fleas, mites and parasites like wildfire through residences and to pets, sometimes causing severe allergic reactions in humans and other animals. In order to ensure the contaminated home has been properly cleared of all contamination, homeowners often have to replace insulation in the entire residence.

Omega Animal Removal has a licensed, trained team of professionals attuned to the habits and biological nuances of opossum behavior. Understanding these animals is essential in knowing how to permanently rid yourself of their presence. Their exhaustive method begins with determining the extent of the problem, and then eradicating the infestation directly in a humane and official way. Omega Animal Removal then carries away all polluted materials and repairs damage done to your home, sealing entrance points and making sure there is no way for animals to reenter.


The following circumstances indicate the presence of one or more opossums residing in your home:

  • Noises that sound like someone walking around in your attic or a thumping noise in your walls and ceiling
  • Droppings the size of a cat or small dog and urine in less frequented areas of your home
  • Leaves and debris gathered in strange areas


As soon as you contact Omega Animal Removal to discuss a opossum infestation, one of our Opossum Removal Specialists will come to your home and examine the property in order to establish whether or not we are dealing with an opossum. This inspection often means that the specialist will look for trails or tunneling evidence in the insulation, excrements, and other decisive signs, and debris. Once the situation is fully comprehended, the Omega specialist will set forth a complete and effective 4-step solution to make sure that the opossums do not find their way back inside your home in the future.

  1. Trap and safely remove all opossums from your Dallas, Texas home, crawlspace or attic. Our specialists never use any lethal trapping methods, and will always treat the animals as humanely as possible.
  2. Identify all access points used by the opossums.
  3. Our Opossum Control Specialist will then proceed to closing all these areas with weather-resistant metal products, in order to make sure that the animals cannot re-enter your Dallas, Texas home.
  4. Recommend that all damaged insulation, urine, feces, nesting places, debris and waste be removed from your Dallas home. Given the fact that opossums carry a lot of fleas, mites and parasites, the removal of the insulation is the best way to ensure that no health threats are left behind.

Omega Animal Removal’s Opossum Control Specialist, after discussing the process with you, will proceed to applying a three-phase fogging treatment to fully decontaminate the area, and make sure that all the insulation is properly sanitized and sterilized. Next, Omega’s Opossum Control Expert will blow-in a new wool blanket fiberglass insulation. When conducting this phase, we only use Knauff JetStream Insulation, because this is the best blow-in fiberglass available on the market.

Once the attic restoration has been completed, the opossum infestation will have been fully taken care of, and you will have been given a Lifetime Guarantee on of the Omega Animal Removal work, in Dallas Texas.