Keep Rats and Rodents Out This Winter

With colder weather on the way, rodent, including rats, are on the hunt for a place to call home. Sadly, they could invade your space in an effort to escape the cold this winter. While all homes are susceptible to rats and rodents in winter, some homes are more at risk than others. Before rodents overtake your home, be sure to call the experts in rat and rodent control at Omega Animal Removal. Also, follow these preventative measures to keep rats and rodents out of your house.

Check for Signs of Invasion

Always be on the lookout for any potential signs that pests have gotten into your home. Any signs of animal droppings, chew marks, or nesting areas could mean a rodent has made your home their home. At the first sign of unwanted pests, be sure to call for rat and rodent control before it gets out of hand.

Inspect the Premises for Entrance Points or Evidence of Rodents

Perform a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the house, keeping your eyes open for any gaps or spaces where rats and other rodents could find a way in. As you are inspecting every aspect of the home, be mindful of any wiring that looks chewed on, windows or doors that have cracks for entrance points, holes in the plumbing where rodents could find a way in, or even vent shafts or toilets as rodents can follow the plumbing or vents to find a way into the house. The more you stay on top of things, the harder it is for animals to find a way in. Again, if you find evidence that they are living in or around your home, Omega Animal Removal rat and rodent control technicians will be sure to remove pests from your area and keep them out. They can find their nests, any entrances into their nests, and plug up these entrances to keep rats from coming back again.

Make Your Home Less Enticing

Clean up any and all food left out so that rodents don’t come to your home to find food sources. Trim back trees and bushes that would make perfect places to hide or climb to get into the house. Keep garbage cans closed and free of debris. Keeping your home as clean and tidy as possible to ensure rats or rodents won’t think your home is the perfect place to stay.

If at any time, you are concerned with rodents inside your home, don’t hesitate to call the rat and rodent control experts of Omega Animal Control in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Southlake, Fort Worth, Houston, Katy, & Spring. We remove all unwanted pests and keep them out so you can rest easier.