Preventing Rat and Mice Infestation During the Rainy Season

When spring arrives, it might not only bring with it rain but also rats and mice to your home. During the warmer weather, rats and mice will nest above ground, in trees, or other places outside. When wet weather hits, these rodents will be on the hunt for a warm, dry place to stay, and that could be your Dallas home. When this happens, an infestation may not be far behind.

Mice and Rat Infestation

The problem with rats and mice in Dallas is that they can find the smallest of openings in which to squeeze through and make a home. Rats can find a way into the home through any space that is a quarter size or larger, and mice can fit through an even smaller space, such as a hole the size of a dime. These rodents are also very adept at survival skills and can go without food or water for a time as they search for the place that is right for them. To make matters worse, rat gestation is anywhere from 21 to 24 days. During this gestation time, rats and mice will be looking for a place to nest to stay dry and out of the elements. If they find their way into your home in the DFW area, this could easily lead to a mice or rat infestation in no time.

Preventing Rat and Mice Infestation

There are many things Dallas homeowners can do to prevent mice or rat infestation. Blocking any easy access entrance points into the home is a great place to start. Keeping all food stored in storage containers so mice and rats can’t find food sources is another way to avoid making your home look appealing to rodents. A clean yard where there are no places to nest can also help. However, there may already be signs of rodent infestation that can alert you to rodents in or around the home. At the first signs of rub marks, droppings, gnawing marks, or hearing noises at night, it is probably time to call in the rodent removal experts in Dallas. Don’t hesitate to contact Dallas mice and rat removal experts at Omega Animal Removal at the first sign of rodents in or around the home. The sooner these rodents are dealt with, the less likely you are to have an infestation on your hands during the rainy spring months.

If you have questions or concerns about rodent infestation in Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Omega Animal Removal. We are here to give you peace of mind, so call us today.

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