• Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    With any rodent or animal species around your home or office, their presence is fine as long as it does not overflow into your building, residence or commercial space. Omega Animal Removal performs all forms of population control, focusing on animal removal with natural and environmentally safe methods. We are not a pest control company as we recognize the importance of doing a single job well. This philosophy has allowed our trained specialists to develop into the most trusted in the animal removal business. We offer a range of services from trapping and barricading entrance to decontaminating and fixing damage on your home or office building. Our licensed, trained team is adept at spotting and solving the particularities of any wildlife issue that may be plaguing you, starting with a detailed consultation and evaluation of the property.

    Typical wildlife problems include rats damaging wires and property, squirrels nesting in attics and crawlspaces, armadillos caving out building foundations with their tunnels and burrows, raccoons littering yards with garbage and debris, snakes terrorizing pets and children and hogs devouring entire vegetable gardens and flower beds. Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal if you suspect any of these creatures to be infesting your attic or garden. Different species can sometime exhibit similar evidence of infestation, so make sure you enlist the help of a wildlife control professional before attempting to solve the problem yourself.

    Tons of baby rats drinking
  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    If you've been noticing any of the following, you may be dealing with an animal population control issue in Austin:

    • Tracks the size of a dog or large cat in your front or back yard
    • Noises coming from your ceiling or walls as heavy liked the thumping of a person walking around to a gentle scratching
    • Droppings ranging from as small as an ink dot to the size of a small dog or cat
    • Patches of urine in your attic or cupboards
    • Holes in your lawn
    • Patches of dried or dying grass
    • Half eaten vegetables and plants
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Your local Omega Animal Removal specialist will start you on our four step process by first determining the exact source of your wildlife control problem and then presenting you with the best methods for solving the issue. Once you have determined the most attractive method of control in cost and comfort, we waste no time in ridding you of the infestation. All the deterrents that we use are completely natural and non-transferable, so they won’t harm your pets or children. We are so confident in our animal control methods that we guarantee our work. Give us a call today for an evaluation and see what you can gain from a home or office free of rogue animals.