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Bats are great pest controllers, making them one of the most beneficial mammals in the world’s ecosystems—particularly valuable to the agricultural industry. Bats also play an integral role in pollinating flowers and spreading plant seeds, so it’s no surprise many residents of Austin, Texas have installed bat houses on their properties to provide a safe haven for them to roost and raise their young.

Since bats only come out at night, their presence usually does not trouble people—until they start using attics, crawlspaces or even inside your walls for their homes. Nowadays, bats have fewer places for their maternity colonies and roosting, which obliges them to take shelter inside the attic of your house, commercial buildings, church towers, or any other similar man-made structures. Even though they frequently invade attics, bats do not chew their way inside like most of the wildlife species do. Instead they use already existing openings, holes and cracks to enter. Since they are usually small, bats can make use of tiny holes most people don’t even notice. Bats that reside inside your house will most likely move down between the walls in the winter, searching for the perfect warm hibernation spot.

When bats inhabit your property, expect to find large quantities of bat droppings (guano) in your attic or crawlspaces. Due to the toxins contained by the droppings, prolonged exposure is damaging to your health. The most frequent problem with the bat droppings is the odor that accompanies it—and it’s extremely hard to remove, especially if you do not conduct a full guano removal and decontamination of the entire space where the bat colonies have resided. Also, bat droppings stain the areas that come in contact with, the damages amounting to thousands of dollars in painting bill for the interior or exterior of your Austin, Texas home or commercial building.

But because bats are a protected species and it’s illegal to kill them, let Omega Animal Removal in Austin, Texas assist you with bat removal.


If you see a single bat in your home’s attic or crawlspace, chances are, there are more. Here are a few signs you’re dealing with a bat infestation that requires professional assistance:

  • Noises— bats are creatures of the night, and conduct all their activities in great silence, but you’ll be able to hear them whining, clicking, popping and scratching around when they move.
  • Large quantities of bat droppings (guano) in your attic or crawlspace.
  • You smell ammonia—guano lets off a toxic smell similar to ammonia.
  • Dark stains around small holes are from the bat’s greasy coats.
  • You see a bat leaving your home at dusk. If you see one leaving from your home, it is most likely there are others.


Omega Animal Removal has a team of trained Bat Removal and Control Specialists, and we use only state-of-the-art equipment and materials on all of the Austin, Texas bat removal, bat control and guano removal jobs. Understanding bat behavior as well as state and federal bat protection laws is vital to Omega’s Animal Removal’s strategy for dealing with bat infestations.

For example, from May to August, baby bats are too small to be on their own or to fly, which is why bat exclusion maneuvers should not be executed during these months. You will end up killing the baby bats inside of your attic or crawlspace. Aside from the fact that the killing of bats or of their babies if forbidden by law, conducting exclusion maneuvers from May to August will leave you with an attic full of dead animals, thus creating an extremely severe health threat for you, for your family members, and for your pets. A well-trained bat removal and control expert knows all of these aspects about bats, their babies, the laws that protect them, and when it is the best time to conduct bat removal and bat control maneuvers, which is why it is indicated to always contract professional services for all your bat infestation necessities in Austin, Texas.

If bats are found inside of your living areas during the winter, and not hibernating in the attic or in other suitable location, it is because of a few factors that influence their hibernation patterns, such as unexpected temperatures. Sometimes, the presence of cold artic blasts also influence the hibernation and movement of the bats. When temperatures suddenly drop, the animals wake up and look for warmer places, like inside of houses or commercial buildings in Austin, Texas. During cold periods like these, the bats can even reach your basement, by crawling inside of walls or along the plumbing structures.

If you see one bat inside your property during the winter, chances are that a bat colony inhabits your attic, crawlspace or even basement since most bat species hibernate in groups. Call Omega Animal Removal the moment you see the bat or bats, and set up a meeting for a full home inspection, as soon as the winter ends.

We only use metal-based products, which we always paint in a color that will match the color of your exterior paint for all of the closings we do on large openings, so that the aesthetics of your house and property does not suffer from the bat removal and control process. In the case of the small openings, we use weather and time resistant sealants, so that no other bats can enter your Austin, Texas attic, crawlspace or basements.


A full attic restoration is mandatory, in order to eliminate all health hazards, and reestablish a sanitized and sterile environment for you and for your family members. Omega Animal Removal has created a team of extremely qualified Attic Restoration Specialists, team that is dedicated to the removal of all the contaminated insulation, and to the thoroughly decontamination and sanitization of the entire attic space, and to the replacement of all new blow-in attic insulation.

We also have a sister company, Omega Insulation Services, which caters to all your energy-efficiency requirements, for your house or commercial building. As soon as Omega’s specialists are done with the inspection of the attic space, they will be able to inform you on all the aspects of the bat infestation and on all the measures that need to be taken so that the bat removal, bat control, decontamination and attic restoration is successful.

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