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If you have unwanted animals invading your residential or commercial space, Omega Animal Removal is your local Austin, Texas wildlife management, attic decontamination and repair services. Removing and relocating animals away from your home is just the first step. After they’re gone, you’ll want to have the area decontaminated since your uninvited guests tend to leave a real mess behind: nesting places filled with droppings, urine-soaked insulation, chewed wires and drywall and even fleas and parasites. You can see how important it is to make sure proper measures are taken to ensure all traces from these wild animals are removed properly.

After we have captured and relocated all animals from your house, we move on to clean up all waste, guano, droppings, feces, urine and poop inside your home and thoroughly decontaminate them to protect your family from diseases and your home from pest infestation.


We provide a professional, affordable and reliable attic decontamination services to homeowners and businesses throughout Austin, Texas. Our skilled crew uses a highly-efficient fogging treatment that gets the job done, and it’s environmentally friendly. The two-stage process is able to remove even the smallest particles trapped inside your insulation, achieving superior results in less than 72 hours. All spaces are thoroughly sanitized and made habitable upon completion and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee for our services.

After the removal of all wild animals from your property, an Animal Control Specialist will assess the damage and devise a Repair and Attic Decontamination plan that’s best suited to your situation. Our approach is customized to the needs of each client for optimal results.

Our patented fogging treatment tackles all problematic areas of having unwanted animals in your attic: disinfection, odor elimination and pest control. The solution we use is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial solution designed to target fleas, mites and roaches that are living off any food bits left behind. Eliminating all animal traces is the safest way to guarantee complete protection for your family and property. It also drastically decreases the chances of more wildlife being attracted to the attic.


All homes, residential buildings and commercial structures with an animal problem are advised to undergo a decontamination process to remove all traces of the invasion. Removing wildlife from a property is not enough to safeguard you against the possibility of an outbreak of disease or even worse pest infestation. Urine-soaked insulation is often contaminated with feces and food bits, and damaged insulation poses potential health hazards and should be dealt with quickly.

Omega Animal Removal focuses on returning your Austin, Texas home or building to its original state by repairing and sanitizing all spaces where the infestation occurred for your protection. To make your home safe and secure, get in touch today and our specialists will visit your property to assess the situation to provide an accurate quote for attic decontamination services.

Jack W in Richardson, TX says on Yelp:

“Professional and Affordable Animal Removal Company”

“We recently had issues with rodent in our house attic so we begin looking for professional and affordable animal removal company. This is when we found Omega, and their rodent removal service is best summarized as timely, knowledgeable, and professional. They came out and clearly explained our problem (rodents) and found several entry points which they were able to patch. They were also flexible and easy to work with on scheduling which made the appointments easy. All in all a great experience!!”