• Why You Should Never Use Poison In Your Attic

    Why You Should Never Use Poison In Your Attic

    The most common mistake that people make is putting poison around their home or in their attic. Omega Animal Removal in Dallas gets over 50 calls a week for animals that have died in clients attics and the underlying issue every time is that they had poison around the home or in the attic. Most of the poisons that our clients use are designed to make the animal thirsty so it goes to find water and therefore leaves the attic. Well, while this is good in theory, it doesn’t always work out that way and a lot of the times the rodents die inside your attic or walls.

    The only real way to get rid off your rodent issue is to have Omega Animal Removal come out to your home and close any and all possible entry points on your home. We can remove rodents from your attic, close off all of the possible entry points, sanitize your attic and then control the rodent population around your home.