• Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    It’s not just homes that can become infested by wildlife – commercial spaces can as well. We’ve noticed an increased demand for wildlife removal services for commercial properties, and Omega Animal Removal is proud to meet that demand, as Tampa's industry leader in wildlife control, management and prevention.

    Our Wildlife Control Specialists receive state-of-the-art training and equipment, enabling them to deftly handle all types of commercial animal removals. We are highly experienced in performing our services for apartment complexes, property management groups, retail shops, strip malls, industrial properties and other business facilities. Not only do we remove and relocate the animals in question, we also decontaminate the infestation sites and make it impossible for the animals to re-infest. Commercial rodent, snake, bird, and bee control are by far the most common services we provide, though we are skilled in solving infestations by other species as well. Contact Omega Animal Removal today if you are in need of Tampa commercial wildlife control services.

  • Bird Control and Prevention

    Bird Control and Prevention

    If birds have built their nests on your commercial property, you could be dealing with aggressive behavior and bird droppings that drive clients and customers away. Omega Animal Removal uses a method known as “bird spiking” to prevent them and others from returning. This entails placing galvanized steel spikes on the pipes, trim, and other places where the birds may nest or perch. After the spikes are in place, the birds will not want to land or nest there.

    Our approach to bird control and prevention is the best in the industry. Our spikes will never weather or deteriorate, and the sealants we use to attach them will stay secure. Thanks to the high quality of our materials and services, we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee. If you have pigeons, sparrows, crows, buzzards or other types of birds causing trouble on your commercial property, contact us today. Since some species are federally protected, only our expert Wildlife Control Specialists will be able to remove them safely, humanely and legally.

    Commercial Bird Control And Prevention by Omega Animal Removal
  • Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    We come to the aid of property management groups all throughout the Tampa, region. Our professionals will work with you to address wildlife infestation issues as swiftly and thoroughly as possible, ensuring that both you and your clients are satisfied. You can expect our Wildlife Removal Specialists to meet with you within 24 hours of receiving your inspection request.


    Rodents - Property management groups will most frequently run into rodent infestations when dealing with residential properties. It is the period when homes are uninhabited and waiting to be bought and moved into, that the rodents will seize as their opportunity to invade. Often, such infestations can grow very serious before they are noticed, since the property isn’t inhabited by anyone who could identify the signs early. Do not hesitate to call us if you suspect one of your residential properties has a rodent infestation.

    Bees - If it’s not rodents, it’s bees that are often found in houses. Because Florida enjoys warm, temperate weather in all seasons, bees are active throughout the year. Bees of any kind can be dangerous, but Africanized bees are especially harmful. They are particularly common in Florida. If you notice a hive, do not approach it. Call us immediately so that our Wildlife Control Specialists can safely remove it.

    Property Management Cooperation with Omega Animal Removal
  • Animal Removal for Tampa Apartment Complexes

    Animal Removal for Tampa Apartment Complexes

    Tampa, FL apartments are also attractive nesting places for nuisance wildlife. Though most individual apartments may not have attics, the buildings themselves have attics and crawl spaces that are favorite nesting sites for animals, as well as plenty of other areas they can infest. Rats, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other animals leave behind toxic excrement that is full of infectious bacteria. Because HVAC units and lines are placed and originate in the attics, having an infestation in these areas can be a major health hazard for all residents. Many other species can be problematic when they’ve invaded apartment complexes as well, including snakes, bees, and armadillos.

    or the health, safety, and satisfaction of the tenants in your complex, you must address infestation problems as soon as the signs are noticed. We will make your inspection a priority, dispatching our Wildlife Control Specialists to your complex within 24 hours of receiving your request. Once on site, our experts will perform a full inspection of the area and develop a customized plan for treating your apartment complex infestation.

    Apartment Complexes Wildlife Management And Control with Omega Animal Removal