Especially when they're destroying your attic
Permanent Eviction Guaranteed

Rodent and Rat Control are Omega Animal Removal's specialty. Long term, permanent rodent control solutions are rare and demand an understanding of the habits and behavior of rats. Laying traps or throwing poison in a corner are inefficient methods for rodent control. Proper removal and population control requires advanced techniques to make sure that every possible entry point on the home is sealed permanently. Once the exclusion process has been thoroughly executed, it is imperative to properly decontaminate your attic space.

Omega's Rodent Control Specialists have intensive training and understanding of rodent behavior and biology, something that has allowed us to become the leading rodent control firm in Tampa, Florida. Omega has also received multiple service awards from Angie's List, the BBB and local agencies for our dedication to permanently resolving rat infestations. Our approach to rodent and rat infestations is so thorough and detailed that we confidently guarantee that you are free of rat problems forever under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Just ask your chewed wires
Keep Your Sanity & Save Your Home

Squirrels may seem cute and furry in your garden, but as soon as they move indoors the true wild nature of these rodents comes forth. They have constantly growing teeth that they must wear down by chewing—usually on your shingles, electrical wires, drywall and wood beams. They are highly territorial, so once they have made your home their nesting site it is almost impossible to get rid of them without the help of an animal control professional.

Fortunately, we have developed innovative techniques for the live trapping and removal of squirrels to prevent them from hurting themselves or further damaging your home. Our advanced squirrel removal techniques include the use of live traps and excluder valves. Once we have the squirrel(s) safely removed, our Squirrel Specialist will seal all entry points on the home, removing their nesting sites and eliminating the pheromones they leave behind. Omega Animal Removal takes care of your squirrel removal needs from start to finish in a humane, effective way.

And your insulation makes for a nice bed
Don't Worry... We'll Clean Up The Mess

Omega Animal Removal has a comprehensive 4-step process that is unparalleled in the animal control industry. We begin with a full evaluation of the problem, determining the extent of the damage and which trapping methods will be most effective. We then move to trapping and removing the animal(s) in the most humane manner possible. We then perform our essential exclusion process, making sure that no animals can re-enter the home. Finally, Omega Animal Removal specializes in decontaminating attic spaces after infestations and repairing all damage, restoring the attic to its original glory.

Proper attic decontamination starts with our state-of-the-art fogging treatment. This three-phase process is incredibly effective and allows us to, in most cases, preserve your current attic insulation. The high-tech fogging system atomizes the disinfectants into tiny molecules, which allows them to seep down into your attic insulation, sanitizing everything in comes in contact with.

Omega Animal Removal ensures that your attic is thoroughly decontaminated, and your home's air quality is kept at an optimal level. If we feel as though your attic has been too heavily contaminated with rodent urine and feces, we will call in our sister company, Omega Insulation Services, to address any type of attic decontamination necessary and remove, replace or even add attic insulation where necessary.

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Lets Keep Wildlife In The Wild

What animal are you having a problem with?

Omega Animal Removal is not just comprised of rodent control and squirrel removal experts. Our team has learned and observed the behaviors of many different animals. Our Wildlife Specialists love animals and our services reflect that. Omega Animal Removal's team takes pride in our humane rat, squirrel, raccoon and opossum removal from homes all over Tampa. The wildlife control services we offer are the best in the business. We don't just say that, we show it with how much our Wildlife Specialists truly care about each and every animal we are contracted to take care of. We use the latest in animal control technology, sanitizing with an advanced three phase fogging system and replacing insulation when necessary. Omega Animal Removal focuses on both home and garden infestations, making sure your property is clear of unwanted, costly damage for life.

Rats In Your Attic?

Rodent Control is Omega Animal Removal's specialty. Unlike pest control companies, our wildlife specialists are trained in the biology, behavior and patterns of rodents. We won’t just come and put poison in your attic, we will pinpoint how the rats are getting into your attic and make sure that they never come back. We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our work as well so that you can feel safe knowing your home will remain rat free for as long as you live in it.

Squirrels In Your Attic?

Spring is the time of year when squirrels aggressively start to enter residential attics in Tampa, Florida. The female squirrels come into your attic and begin building nests, having kittens and keeping out of harm’s way from their natural predators. Since squirrels are diurnal, most of the noises you will hear are going to occur in the morning and evening around sunrise and sunset. If you have squirrels in your attic call us immediately before thousands of dollars worth of serious damage occurs, from chewed wires and ductwork to latrines of urine and feces.

Omega's Gaurantee To You

Not only are our technicians trained to remove the wildlife from your home or business, they are also experts in locating and closing all possible entry points on the outside of your home. Once we know that the animals have no chance of getting back in, our advanced attic decontamination services will be sure to eliminate all pheromones and bacteria left behind by the animals. By mastering these three techniques, Omega Animal Removal is able to keep those nuisance animals out for as long as you own your home. You don't just have to take our word for it either. Each home that we serve receives our same Lifetime Guarantee with no strings attached.

We are so confident in our ability to remove wildlife and keep it out that we offer the industry's longest guarantee.