• Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Despite the beauty we see in wildlife here in Texas, the state harbors some wild animals that may pose serious dangers to the locals, their homes and their properties. Commercial wildlife control has thus become increasingly essential here in Southlake. The good news is that Omega Animal Removal Company has experts trained to handle any kind of wildlife that requires prevention or management.

    We offer the best commercial wildlife management services across Southlake, and backed by an industry leading guaranteed. We have full confidence in our highly trained wildlife specialists and full range of equipment they use for handling any commercial wildlife management assignment. Our team often works closely with property owners and management groups, apartment multiplexes, large commercial property owners, small business proprietors and retail outlets to manage different sorts of wildlife problems.

    Omega Animal Removal is specialized in handling and fixing the issues by any animal or bird. We remove the nuisance animals from your property and relocate them if need be. We can also repair any damages left behind by the animals in your residential or commercial setup and guarantee your problem will not emerge again. We have a reputation of loyally and professionally serving clients all over Southlake with commercial rodent management, snake removal and bird control, as these are some of the most prevalent issues encountered by our clients. We essentially deal with any commercial wildlife issue and will come to your rescue as soon as you drop us a call.

  • Bird Control and Prevention

    Bird Control and Prevention

    We constantly get calls from clients all over Southlake complaining about a variety of bird species annoying everyone in earshot. Southlake is essentially warm throughout most of the year, making it a favorite destination for different birds. As such, commercial bird control is one of the most common problems various clients ask us to handle. Omega Animal Removal essentially controls birds by bird spiking which is the most recommended method of keeping birds off your property. From pigeons to crows, sparrows to buzzards, Omega Animal Removal is unbeaten in the commercial management of literally any bird species around Southlake.

    Omega Animal Removal's bird spiking services are the most reliable in Southlake. We make use of industry standard galvanized steel spikes whose high quality is guaranteed. To ensure our bird spikes stay firmly attached to your property, we use sealants of the highest market quality. If you have not already enjoyed the relief of having us serve you, then make an appointment today for your free quote on commercial bird management.

    Commercial Bird Control And Prevention by Omega Animal Removal
  • Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal partners with property management groups in Southlake, to rid your properties of common nuisances. We can meet with you at the property start devising a solution within 24 hours of your call. Don't wait until your problem has multiplied exponentially. Call us today.

    • Rats
    • Newly constructed apartments are a common refuge of rodents. Rats and mice infest these properties and seek shelter in the attics. Before long these rodents are able to multiply and exist in dangerously large numbers. The amount in damages these animals can cause to your Southlake property is not easy to assess, as it can be immense. When a home or apartment sits on the market while awaiting the arrival of a new client, these animals may destroy the otherwise quiet attics without the property owner knowing it. If you are faced with this issue with your Southlake building, don't let it affect the value of your property. Call us now to help you with the problem.
    Property Management Cooperation with Omega Animal Removal
  • Animal Removal for Southlake Apartment Complexes

    Animal Removal for Southlake Apartment Complexes

    Southlake apartment complexes are faced with the variety of wildlife problems just the same way as the individual homes. Newly constructed apartment complexes are often strategic targets of rodents. Snakes may get to these complexes whether already with residents or not in pursuit of the rats and mice that are common in Southlake. And given the large and multifaceted nature of these complexes, it becomes a little more difficult to handle the animals’ problem without the necessary expertise. Omega Animal Removal has the most qualified professional animal specialists to handle just about any problem you can be faced with.

    Apartment Complexes Wildlife Management And Control with Omega Animal Removal