• Omega Animal Removal in Plano Gets Rid of Rodents

    Omega Animal Removal in Plano Gets Rid of Rodents

    Rodents abound in Plano, TX,  as with urban areas across the United States. It is important to take preventative measures when possible to seal your home against possible infestations. This starts with sealing off sewers and air vents, holes around TV cables and any holes the size of a quarter or smaller. Sometimes even the thinnest of cracks can yield a mouse infestation as they can fit through nooks and crannies smaller than it would seem possible. Traps and sticky tape purchased from the hardware store are occasionally helpful, but never for ridding yourself of a full infestation. If you have reached the level where more than one rat or mouse has made a home out of your attic or crawlspaces, it is time to call in the professionals. Even if you were able to use home bought devices to catch a single rodent, the scent trails left by rodents entering or exiting your home or office will leave an easy path of access for future infestations. It’s important to enlist the help of a Rodent Control Specialist in order to permanently rid yourself of a rat or mouse problem.

    Rats and mice are carriers of a variety of diseases harmful to both humans and pets. One of the most hazardous and immediately recognizable signs of a rat or mouse infestation is the droppings left behind by the rodents. This trail is both a signal as to the specific movements and behavior of the population on hand, and it is dangerous to attempt to remove them as rodent feces carries numerous diseases and infect any object with which they come in contact. Curb your instinct to clear away this evidence and call Omega Animal Removal for a full home inspection.

    A trapped RodentRats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
  • Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    he following indicate a potential rat or mouse population nesting within your hidden nooks and crannies:

    • Noises of scratching or scurrying in your ceiling, walls or attic
    • Urine stains in insulation, on the floor of forgotten corners or near food boxes
    • Droppings about the size of a pen point
    • Crumbs of food in strange places
    • Chewed wirex and holes in food cartons
    • Dead rats or mice
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    We are a fully licensed and trained company well-equipped to deal with your rodent infestation quickly and efficiently. Our specialists have a scientific understanding of the animals they track, and are adept in rapid trapping of entire populations. Our equipment is state of the art and we are so certain of our expertise that we combine this with another unheard of element in wildlife control: a Lifetime Guarantee. Our 4-step method is clear and covers all bases of rodent control and removal.

    Our process includes the following clear steps to permanent removal:

    1. Assess the scope of the infestation and any damage to the building from the outside and inside.
    2. We then trap and remove as humanely as possible all rats or mice using an attuned knowledge of their habits and behavior.
    3. We then identify and seal all entrance points to the living or working space.
    4. Finally, we repair all damages incurred as a result of the infestation including replacing chewed wires and contaminated insulation.

    Call Omega Animal Removal today for a complete restoration that will leave your home or business better than new.

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