• Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Raccoon infestations in Plano, TX, are a fairly common problem. They are a complicated species to manage as they match a resourceful approach with unique climbing skills and dexterous hand and foot use, making it possible for them to let themselves into unlocked homes and sift through heavy trash bins. These cute, intelligent creatures are also some of the most common carriers of rabies throughout Texas. Raccoons are omnivorous and will scavenge anything from pet food to garbage for sustenance. One of the most common signs of a raccoon problem in Plano and across the United States is finding trash in your yard.

    You can sometimes prevent attracting raccoons to your residence by using a trash bin with a tight lid and a lock. Another helpful measure includes attaching your garbage bin to a rack that keeps it in place, making it impossible for raccoons to flip it over. Keep all pet food out of the common way indoors or in your garage. Raccoons are innovative, nocturnal animals that can easily open unlocked doors and sneak through small spaces when you are not around to monitor them. A true raccoon infestation begins when they find their way into your home’s attic space where they cause significant damage to ductwork, wiring and insulation and pose a severe health risk.

    Omega Animal Removal’s four step method for purging your attic and crawlspace of these unwanted nightly visitors is guaranteed to work and begins with an evaluation of the problem to be certain it is raccoons and not an opossum or some other creature wreaking havoc in your home. We then identify all points of entry which can be as small as a subtle crack in your siding or roofline. We then remove the animal(s) using advanced trapping techniques or a catch-pole. The next step is to seal all points of entry with the highest quality metal based products on the market and match the paint to seamlessly deter any future infestations. Finally, we decontaminate the entire space, replacing insulation where necessary. In general there is no way to evade a full attic restoration when there is a raccoon problem.

    trapped raccoonRaccoon In an Attic
  • Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    • Overturned garbage cans and litter on your yard or driveway
    • Tracks in your lawn or garden about the size of a small dog
    • Droppings the size of a small dog or large cat, about 2-3 inches in length
    • Heavy thumping noises at night coming from your ceiling or walls
    • Spotting raccoons themselves are often signs they are making your residence their own as these nocturnal creatures rarely peek outside in daylight if they are not comfortable on the premises
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    It is ill advised for you to attempt to handle a raccoon infestation on your own as these animals are frequently riddled with diseases, particularly the rabies virus. Omega Animal Removal has a nuanced understanding of raccoon behavior and habits which allow us to quickly track their movements and trap and remove one or more animals without delay. This in-depth, scientific understanding of raccoons matched with the most cutting edge equipment makes our 4-step method the best in the business.

    1. We begin by identifying the scope of the issue, followed by
    2. Removal by the most humane means possible.
    3. We then perform full home exclusion, sealing all points of entry and seamlessly matching the exterior walls so the previous holes or cracks are all unrecognizable.
    4. Finally, we decontaminate the entire space making sure it is fully sanitized, replacing insulation where necessary and repairing damage such as chewed wires and wooden beams.

    We are so certain of the effectiveness of our process, that our Lifetime Guarantee is unparalleled on the market. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Omega Animal Removal if you suspect you may have a raccoon turning your home into their own.