• Omega Animal Removal’s Guarantee Structure

    Omega Animal Removal’s Guarantee Structure

    Whether you are dealing with squirrels, rodents, raccoons, opossums or bees, no company will take better care of you like Omega Animal Removal. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out all of our satisfied clients on Angie’s List and Yelp to see just how relieved you will feel when Omega Animal Removal is on your team.

    Not only are our Rodent Control Specialists trained to remove the wildlife from your home or business, they are also experts in locating and closing all possible entry points on the outside of your home (exclusion) and decontaminating the attic. By mastering these three techniques, Omega Animal Removal is able to keep those nuisance animals out for as long as you own your home… we guarantee it! This confidence in our ability to remove wildlife and keep it out of your home has allowed us to offer the industry’s longest guarantee.

    When you choose to do business with Omega Animal Removal, we guarantee every bit of work that we do for you. We do have a few different types of guarantees that we offer and these are based on the amount of work needed to permanently resolve the wildlife infestation in your attic.

    When our Rodent Control Specialists provide a full interior and exterior inspection of your home, they will thoroughly examine each and every area on your home that needs to be sealed to stop, and prevent further infestation. They will also assess the contamination level of your attic insulation and determine the necessary process to properly cleanse your attic. They will then provide you with a detailed work order, tailor-made to fit your wildlife issue. The amount of work necessary will be based on a number of different factors including:

    • The species of animal(s) inhibiting your attic
    • The severity of damage to the home
    • Number of entry points created by the animal(s)
    • The contamination level of your attic (amount of excrement and nesting sites throughout your attic insulation)
    • The amount of damage done to areas in the attic, such as: duct -work, wiring, chewing of beams, drywall contamination and chewing on multiple different areas.

    After our Rodent Control Specialist has finished inspecting your home, they will provide you with a detailed solution regarding your wildlife infestation. During this consultation they will lay out two different options for you to choose from. Based on their professional expertise in the field the first option will include all of the work they recommend completing on your home to permanently solve your wildlife issue. The other option will be the minimum work required to solve the issue and guarantee the work with our industry leading standard 5-year warranty.

    However, if you do decide to move forward with all of the processes recommended by our Rodent Control Specialist, then Omega Animal Removal Inc will provide you with a Lifetime Guarantee on your home.

    No matter what though, when you decide to move forward with Omega Animal Removal to solve your Rodent Infestation, then we will provide your home with our standard, industry leading, 5-year guarantee. This allows us to provide you with unsurpassed peace of mind, knowing that you have the nation’s number one rodent control and wildlife control firm in the country working with you… no matter how extensive the work may be.