• Need an Animal Removed From Your Miami Home? Call Us Today

    Need an Animal Removed From Your Miami Home? Call Us Today

    Omega Animal Removal is the premier wildlife control company in the Miami, Florida area. We bring to every job an advanced understanding of the behavior and patterns of various species in residential homes and neighborhoods. We specialize in wildlife removal, which is why we do not perform pest removal services. We believe in focusing on what we do best and thereby providing the best quality and expertise available in the wildlife control industry.

    This singular dedication allows us to guarantee our services for life, something almost unheard of in the business. We take the necessary steps to comprehend and remove your wildlife infestation, and then we provide the added process of permanently sealing all entrance points into your home and clearing all traces of the infestation away. We even paint our coverings so that they match the color of your home.

  • Common Wildlife Nuisances in Miami, Florida

    Common Wildlife Nuisances in Miami, Florida

    Our methods are incomparable across the wildlife infestation removal industry with rapid animal control on a permanent basis. Some of the more common problems residents face in the Miami, Florida area include:

    • Rats chewing holes in drywall and wood beams
    • Squirrels chewing through wiring and cables
    • Bees attaching hives to the sides of buildings
    • Snakes nesting in your garden
    • Raccoons and opossums inhabiting your attic
    • Bats nesting in the rafters
    • Armadillos digging out the foundation of your home
  • Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    Omega Animal Removal has a comprehensive, easy 4-step process that is informed by a scientific understanding of animal behavior and biology.

    1. We begin by evaluating the evidence around the exterior of your home, looking for any possible entry points, particularly around the roofline and siding of the building. We then move inside and survey the mess and how best to handle phase two of our process.
    2. Our next step is the trapping and removal of the animals. All capture is done through the most humane trapping methods possible. We may use excluder valves which allow the animals to exit through their regular holes but then trap them inside once they have exited.
    3. Exclusion is our third step, and arguably the most important. We seal all holes and entry ways into your home, making sure there is no way for the animals to reenter. We do this with only weather resistant, metal-based products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
    4. Finally, we clean and decontaminate your space, using a fogging system that sanitizes by penetrating deep throughout the insulation and in all corners of your home. Occasionally, we need to remove and replace the insulation as certain animals, such as opossums, can track in fleas and mites that infect your entire residence.
  • Why Choose Omega Animal Removal?

    Why Choose Omega Animal Removal?

    Our company provides the best service in the Miami, Florida area, guaranteed. We have a comprehensive approach to wildlife control that cures the disease rather than slapping a band-aid on it. We have extensive experience in handling all major wildlife infestations, large to small, and our intensive understanding of the legal requirements mean our approach is the most effective and knowledgeable in the state. Don’t wait to call us today for a consultation and estimate.