• Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Raccoons are renowned for finding their way into residential garbage cans, throwing debris all over the place in search of food and harassing pets. On a more grave level, they are recognized by the Center for Disease Control as being the most dangerous animal to have living in close proximity due to the release of Histoplasmosis spores in their excrement. This infectious fungus is known to cause bloody coughing, fevers and aches. Raccoons are also one of the largest known carriers of the rabies virus in Miami, Florida.

    Besides carrying diseases harmful for humans and pets, raccoons are massive nuisances to urban residents, particularly once they have entered homes and offices to nest. They are able to scratch their way through almost anything including wood and frequently destroy air conditioning ducts, wiring and sometimes irreversibly contaminate insulation. Repairs and sanitization can cost up thousands of dollars, and the longer raccoons are left unchecked in the attic spaces, the more they run up costly damages.

    Raccoons are very adept climbers and complicated to control once they have invaded your home. Preventative measure can always be taken. Placing locks on garbage bins and attaching them to racks may decentivize raccoons from attempting to rummage through your trash. You should keep pet food locked away and out of sight in the evenings. These nocturnal scavengers will eat anything and everything they can get their paws on.

    Omega Animal Removal is one of the most trusted names in wildlife control in Miami, Florida, and with our effective 4-step process and Lifetime Guarantee, there is no contest that we are the premier raccoon removal service in Miami. Other companies only ensure their work for up to a year.

  • Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal if you recognize any of the following signs:

    • Overturned garbage bins and trash strewn about the garden.
    • Fecal droppings about the size of a small dog or large cat
    • Heavy thumping or scratching noises in your ceiling or walls
    • Spotting raccoons themselves are signs that you may have them residing on your property
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    Raccoons are particularly intelligent creatures, but with the appropriate training and understanding, Omega Animal removal can put a Specialist at your disposal who has intricate knowledge of the behavior and mannerisms of raccoons. These tools help our team track and remove all animals from your home in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

    1. We begin with evaluation of all exteriors, closely examining the roofline, the siding and all possible entrance points on the home or building.
    2. This is followed by the trapping and removal of all raccoons, derived from a developed understanding of their behavior patterns. We always use the most humane trapping methods possible, from live traps to catch poles.
    3. The removal of raccoons is followed by our essential exclusion process in which we find all holes and seal them with the highest grade metal sealants on the market. This prevents any animals from scratching, chewing or clawing their way back into your house or attic.
    4. Finally, we decontaminate the entire premises, sanitizing the spaces touched with infestation using our state of the art fogging machine that penetrates deep into the insulation. Often there is no way to avoid replacing the entire insulation when it comes to raccoon infestations. Luckily Omega Animal Removal’s sister company Omega Insulation Services can provide you with the best blow in insulation to easily replace any contaminated areas of your attic and crawlspaces.

    Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you suspect raccoons in the attic. Our effective process and accompanying guarantee are highly unique in the wildlife control industry.