Opossum Control and Removal in Miami, Florida

  • Rid Your Miami Home or Property From Pesky Opossums

    Rid Your Miami Home or Property From Pesky Opossums

    Opossums are marsupial mammals that often invade Miami Florida homes, in search of safe residence and food, since they do not do very well in the wild. They are the only marsupial mammals found in North America, have an appearance similar large rats, with their grey fur and scaly tails. Opossums are highly adapted to urban living, trashing garbage cans, stealing food from pets and invading attics, crawlspaces and other similar structures, in order to stay protected from weather conditions. Usually, if you have an opossum in your attic, it is a mother opossum with her babies. If you have one or more opossums in your attic, you are not only subjected to paying thousands of dollars in damages and fixing the attic of your Miami, Florida home after their removal, but you are also susceptible to contracting diseases from mites, fleas or parasites that opossums carry.

    When the opossums feel vulnerable, they will snarl and hiss at you, raising their voice if you keep coming closer. Another well-known defense technique of the opossums is to play dead when they are in danger, entering a shock state, and not moving for up to 4 hours. This is not something that the opossums do willingly, but is an automatic reaction of their brain in the face of real danger.

    Both in the wild and in urban areas, opossums are great climbers. A mother opossum can climb or run with her babies hanging on her back. Their prehensile tail, considered the opossum’s fifth limb, comes in handy when they are carrying around bunches of leaves that they use to build nests.

    As in the case of all wildlife invaders, understanding the behavior of the opossums, and being aware of the consequences of their infestation is important when it comes to opossum removal and opossum control procedures. Our Opossum Specialists are the best in the industry and adept at recognizing infestation patterns. Opossums are not belligerent animals, and do not physically retaliate if you get close to them, but they can pass fleas to you, which is why it is best to stay away from them.

  • Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal directly if you recognize any of the following:

    • Thumping that sounds like a person walking around in your attic
    • Droppings the size of a cat or small dog
    • Leaves and debris accumulated in strange places
    • Overturned dumpsters or half-eaten pet food
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Opossum Control

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Opossum Control

    After you have spotted one or more of these hints, contact Omega Animal Removal and set up a meeting with one of our Opossum Specialists, in order to remove the animals, fix the damages, clean all the debris, decontaminate the entire attic and restore it to a sterile environment. Our 4-step process is straightforward and so effective we provide a Lifetime Guarantee to accompany our services:

    1. Our specialist will conduct an inspection inside your home and attic, and around the premises, gather all the information necessary about the infestation, confirm if indeed we are dealing with opossums, search for tunneling in the insulation, traces of urine, debris, nesting sites and all other relevant waste. With these facts at hand, Omega’s Opossum Specialist can advocate the perfect solution for your needs, and proceed to the removal.
    2. Our Opossum Specialist will then perform the careful trapping and removal of all the opossums, with the help of live traps and excluder valves. Omega Animal Removal does not use lethal traps, and treats all of the wildlife species that it removes with the utmost care.
    3. The third step is to locate and seal all of the points of entry, known as exclusion, so that no other opossums invade your attic. Our specialist will seal them with weather and time resistant metal products of the finest quality, ensuring that no other animal can chew its way inside.
    4. As soon as these measures are taken, it is time to discuss the necessity of removing all of the infested insulation, in order to fully sanitize and sterilize the attic and crawlspaces. The procedure of fully removing the insulation is fairly common when it comes to opossums, because the parasites and fleas that they carry spread easily through your Miami, Florida attic. Our Omega Opossum Specialist applies a fogging treatment, decontaminating the entire premises. After this treatment, the Omega’s specialist will blow-in a new wool blanket fiberglass insulation. This operation is done with the best insulation on the market, Knauff JetStream Insulation.

    Once all of the steps of Omega Animal Removal’s approach are conducted, the opossum infestation will be completely remedied, and your home will become sterile and safe to live once again. Also, you will benefit from Omega’s unparalleled guarantee for the opossum removal and control job we performed in your Miami, Florida home.