• Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    Remove Wild Animals From Your Place of Business

    As with all major urban areas, commercial wildlife management is an essential service in the greater Miami, Florida area. Our team of professionals have worked with retail businesses, property managers, industrial centers and apartment complexes to create long term solutions to wildlife infestations. We are trained in the behavior, patterns and state of the art materials available to wildlife experts and won’t hesitate to tackle any problem with detail and determination.

    Our staff is fully equipped to manage any and every commercial wildlife removal job and we take measures to make sure it is impossible for the animals to reenter your place of business. The most common animal removal problems we run across on the commercial level are rodent, snake, bird or bee related. Contact Omega Animal Removal today if you are looking for a professional wildlife control service equipped to handle problems on a commercial level.

  • Bird Control and Prevention

    Bird Control and Prevention

    Pigeons and crows are common to all urban areas, but they can easily become massive nuisances to your Miami, Florida commercial space. Their feces are acidic and erodes a chemical in the paint used on the exterior of most buildings, destroying the finish. Crows are aggressive and intelligent scavengers, very adaptable to circumstances and protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. As with all wildlife removal procedures, Omega operates with an in-depth understanding of the law and the behavior of the animal in question.

    Omega Animal Removal uses a method known as “bird spiking” to prevent pigeons and crows from resting on your property. This means placing galvanized steel spikes on the cornices, pipes and trim—any places where the birds could foreseeably perch. Our spikes do not rust or deteriorate and the materials we use to attach them stay secure throughout all kinds of weather. We are so confident in our process that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee to all of our clients. No matter the species, Omega Animal Removal will work to prevent them from harassing your space in the most humane and legal way.

  • Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Omega Animal Removal Works With Property Management Groups

    Our licensed and trained specialists work with all sorts of property management groups throughout the Miami, Florida surrounding area. We address issues immediately and permanently to make sure you and your clients are fully satisfied. Some of the more common property management infestations include:

    • Rodents: As with all urban areas, property management groups have rodent infestation problems on a regular basis. While the homes are uninhabited, before purchase and moving, rats jump on the opportunity to make the brand new home their own. These can become very serious as there is no one living there to recognize the warning signs.
    • Bees: Because Miami residents have summer weather year round, bees are active in every season. Depending on the species, they may or may not be particularly dangerous. Africanized Honeybees are the most problematic, but don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal so our Bee Specialist can identify the breed on hand and handle the problem as efficiently as possible.
  • Animal Removal for Miami Apartment Complexes

    Animal Removal for Miami Apartment Complexes

    The many apartment complexes in Miami, Florida provide cozy nesting places for wildlife looking for attics and crawlspaces that fall between the cracks of ownership. When no one feels responsible for shared spaces, they can be left to the devices of nuisance wildlife for long periods of time. Infestations in these sorts of situations are hugely problematic because they create health hazards for all the residents. HVAC units and lines generally sit in the infested areas, which means the air circulating throughout the entire building can be infected.

    Make sure you call Omega Animal Removal for an evaluation to make sure your residents aren’t suffering from compromised health and safety due to wildlife infestations in shared spaces. We respond within 24 hours of any request and make sure we provide a customized plan for permanent removal.