• Bees Buzzing Around Your Miami Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees Buzzing Around Your Miami Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees are important parts of our ecosystem, but when found in urban areas, can become a real nuisance for the residents of Miami, Florida. Not knowing what species and what level of danger you are dealing with can be frightening, and stings frequently trigger serious allergies. Being able to distinguish between various types of bees is necessary when dealing with a bee infestation, in order to minimize the risks associated with approaching them. Even though some species are quite harmless, it is best to contact Omega Animal Removal and have one of our Bee Specialists handle your Miami, Florida bee removal operation.

    Lacking the knowledge of a trained professional, people often confuse bees with wasps, and think that they can remove them with the help of wasp sprays purchased from the supermarket. In reality, there are a lot of differences between the two species, even their venom is different and can instigate different allergic reactions. Honeybees, present all over North America, are responsible for producing honey and beeswax and for scattering flower seeds when they are gathering nectar. Loved by children and adults alike in the wild, bees become terrifying when residing in the urban areas of Miami, Florida. A swarm or a hive of bees found close to humans can trigger attacks and allergies, and even damage homes. Like most of the wildlife infestations that can occur in Miami, a bee infestation can be less or more dangerous, based on the species of bee, and on the type of residence (swarm or hive).

    Africanized Honeybees are one of the most menacing breeds of bees that can be found in the United States. Originally from Brazil, these bees have traveled to America and have occupied colonies of European Honeybees, killing their queen and taking over. Africanized Honeybees are more dangerous than European Honeybees because they have a wider alarm zone around their hives and a sustained, aggressive pattern of attack. In order to avoid being troubled by a group of bees, you need to contact Omega Animal Removal immediately and have one of our Bee Specialists come to your home and help you with your bee removal and bee control problem, in Miami, Florida.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you spot the following:

    • Three or more bees hovering around your walls and windows
    • Greater numbers of bees droning around your flowerbeds
    • Waxy brown buildup attached to your walls, roof or eaves
  • Removing Bee Swarms in Miami

    Removing Bee Swarms in Miami

    Bee swarms occur when a colony of honey bees is overpopulated or when it needs to migrate due to weather conditions. Swarms have an important role in the well-being of a bee colony and tell us a lot about the bees’ behavior and their extremely social nature, which is why it is one of the most studied insect formations of all the wildlife species. Not only do we need to know how a bee swarm works to avoid getting injured, but bee removal and bee control specialists design their methods based on the bee behavior so that the insects can be relocated somewhere other than your Miami, Florida home.

    Generally, bee swarms do not pose a significant threat for those that come in contact with them, but that does not mean you should try to poke or disturb a swarm of bees. Weak colonies are less prone to swarming than the thriving ones. They will only swarm once they get stronger and can afford to split up the hive.

    As for the types of swarms, there are primary and secondary swarms, depending on the factors that have triggered the swarming, and on the size of the swarm’s population. The primary swarms are always led by a queen, and are constructed from large populations of worker bees. Secondary swarms are led by a group of virgin females, only have a few members and are much less frequent than primary swarms.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Florida

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Florida

    For bee and honeycomb removal services in Miami, Florida to be successful, they need to be performed by trained specialists who have the necessary knowledge about species of bees and their behavior. If you require bee removal and control services, you should know you cannot eliminate all the bees and stop new ones from arriving, without eradicating the entire hive.

    A Bee Specialist will conduct this action and take away all of the remaining pheromones and wax residue from the honeycomb. This action prevents new bees from finding their way to your home with the help of the debris. Some of our competitors consider that it is sufficient to kill the bees in order to eliminate the infestation, thus leaving you open to new swarms. Omega Animal Removal has Bee Specialists that understand the importance of a full removal of the honeycomb, and perform the necessary decontamination of all the spaces in which the bees have resided. This is the most important step when it comes to bee removal and control services.

    Aside from benefiting from our specialists’ knowledge, our service is performed with the best products in the industry, innovative techniques and top-of-the-line equipment. All these aspects are of high importance when it comes to protecting your health and the health of your loved ones, but also to avoid future costs resulting from poorly conducted bee removal on your Miami, Florida home or office. We are so confident in our process, we provide all services with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call Omega Animal Removal to see one of our Bee Specialists today.