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Rat infestations are among the most common problems with urban residences in the Miami area. With the yearlong summer weather and marshland surroundings, rats find home attics ideal safe havens from the heat and predators. Rats are known for their filthy habits, but they also commonly cause house fires by chewing wires down to the copper and tunneling through insulation. Their droppings are the most recognizable sign of a rat infestation and are about the size of a pen point and oblong in shape. Other indications include chewed food cartons, urine patches and expose wires. It is often hard to tell how rats have entered your home without the help of a wildlife control specialist as they can fit through holes smaller than a quarter.

Omega Animal Removal operates with intricate knowledge of rat behavior and biology, which means we lay our traps in the most effective manner possible. Our process extends to exclusion of possible re-entry through metal coverings that rats cannot chew through and full decontamination of your indoor space with a fogging technique that penetrates deep into your insulation. This precludes the need for complete replacement, a costly process and ideally avoided when possible.

Just ask your chewed wires
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Squirrels are the cuter cousins of rats, but rodents nonetheless with large front incisors that can easily chew through your shingles. Constant gnawing keeps their teeth filed down, so beware of exposed cables, PVC piping, air conditioning ductwork and wood beams. Once these bushy-tailed creatures have entered your personal space it is all but impossible to get them to stay out. Squirrels are territorial and will continue returning to the same place over and over without reservation.

Omega Animal Removal is fully equipped to remove your squirrel or squirrel family from the rafters of your home. We use advanced trapping techniques that are the most humane methods possible and are based on an in depth knowledge of squirrel patterns of behavior. Don’t wait to call the best in the wildlife control business as soon as you suspect a squirrely problem on your hands.

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Omega Animal Removal has won numerous awards for our unparalleled 4-step process and Lifetime Guarantee. No other wildlife control business is willing to stand by their work for more than a year at a time. This is because they recognize the superficiality of their plugging techniques. Exclusion, or the third step in our process, is where Omega truly differs from the industry standard, providing an unmatched process for animal removal that keeps you from worrying about recurring infestations for as long as you stay in your home or office.

Our process begins with an extensive evaluation of the premises and then moves to trapping and removal with the use of excluder valves and live traps. We then move to the exclusion phase and finish up with our state of the art decontamination methods. Our three phase fogging system removes all bacteria, pheromones and traces of wildlife, leaving your home better than new. Call us today for your consultation.

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What animal do you suspect is making your home their own?

Noises can often sound more dramatic in the dead of night than during the daylight, so be sure to contact the best animal control company in the industry before attempting to diagnose your wildlife problem on your own. From bees and raccoons to opossums and rodents, Omega Animal Removal is fully equipped to solve your wildlife issue in a permanent manner.

Rats In Your Attic?

Most pest control companies base their services on merely removing rodents. This simplicity of method does not cater to the more developed needs that an operation of such magnitude can demand. We at Omega Animal Removal are specialized in Rodent Control. We won’t just come, throw some poison into the affected area and leave. We base all of our work on years of experience and on studies conducted by scientific professionals. It is just as important to find the exact points of entries, and seal them as it is to remove the current population. The Lifetime Guarantee offered by Omega Animal Removal is a testimonial of the quality that we provide, and of the fact that we can assure you a rat-free environment forever.

Squirrels In Your Attic?

As lovely and enjoyable as it can be to watch squirrels in their natural habitat, roaming around parks or in the wild, it isn’t the same when it comes to dealing with them in your home. Spring is the perfect season for squirrels to invade attics all over Miami as this is prime breeding season. As you know, the repercussions are anything but pleasant and can vary from minor damages to bacteria and diseases. Your attic is the perfect place for squirrels to hide away from predators. If you do find them, contact us as soon as possible, to assess the damages and take care of their removal, before the damages pile up, and you lose thousands of dollars on fixing chewed wires or ductwork.

Omega's Gaurantee To You

With professionals highly trained to take care of animal control problems, Omega provides the best services to ensure that your home or place of business is free of any dangers created by wildlife building a home inside your attic. As soon all entry points are found and sealed, we sanitize your home, and remove any debris, remnants and unseen problems such as bacteria and pheromones. Omega Animal Removal can assure you a worry-free life. With a Lifetime Guarantee and thousands of successful jobs in our portfolio, all homeowners benefit from our transparent, well-documented process. Removing wildlife from your home is our business, and we do it with professionalism and dedication, as well as offering the longest guarantee in the industry and the utmost clarity.