• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    With the mild temperatures and diverse landscapes of southern Florida, Miami is home to numerous garden dwellers that make your yard and lawn their new territory. Some of these animals can stay below ground for weeks at a time, and are often nocturnal. It makes it difficult sometimes to recognize the telling signs of an animal infestation when you never see the creatures destroying your home and garden foundations.

    The season for garden infestation is typically the spring and summer, but with the endless summers in Miami they can occur at any time. It is important to have a wildlife specialist come out and visit your home to determine what species you are dealing with and how best to manage the problem. The visual evidence can often create confusion as various species perform similar behavior. Pocket gophers, moles, nutria and armadillos, for example are all burrowing animals, but their habits and diet are different. This means the methods for trapping and removing them are necessarily specific to the individual animal.

    Moles create and desert tunnels rapidly, for example, while armadillos create a massive network of burrows that they use constantly. Prairie dogs are social creatures, but pocket gophers are not. It takes a practiced professional to recognize the important differences between species and establish a comprehensive method for their removal. Fumigating the burrows is rarely the answer to long term removal, as other animals gladly take up residence where a species has been extricated. It is important to fill in all holes and burrows making sure there is no open invitation to exterior wildlife in the spaces below your property.

  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Miami

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Miami

    These are some of the most common animals we find occupying residential gardens in Miami, Florida:

    • Armadillos: Armadillos are very common in Miami and tend to burrow against the wall of your home, pool deck or any other solid structure. They cause damage to building foundations with an extensive network of tunnels and holes underground. In addition to the burrowing dangers, armadillos forage through your lawn and tear it to shreds digging for grubs and insects.
    • Snakes: Snakes are not always venomous, and they cause minimal damage to your property and garden. In Miami, however, there is always a chance that the snake you just saw slither away is a venomous species. It is for the best to be on the safe side and call Omega Animal Removal immediately to make sure these slippery creatures don’t frighten your family.
    • Moles: It is difficult to recognize the difference between moles, pocket gophers and other burrowing mammals without the appropriate behavioral understanding. Moles tend to dig tunnels, known as runways, at about twenty feet an hour, quickly destroying sod and lawns with shallow networks that create ridges in the grass. They also desert runways easily and often, so it takes a wildlife professional to recognize which tunnels are active or inactive

    Our 4-step process for removal always comes with our unique Lifetime Guarantee. You are in safe hands with Omega Animal Removal, give us a call as soon as you recognize a potential problem.