• Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Population control in your neighborhood and surrounding area prevents re-infestation of your home. Anywhere there is a large, thriving population of nuisance animals living around your property, it is likely that a few of them will attempt to nest in your house where they are sheltered from weather and predators and food is readily available.

    Instead of using poisons to reduce the population of the problem animals in your vicinity, we use specialized rodenticides that affect only rats and mice. They are non-transferable, which means they cannot harm your pets. We also keep them in childproof lock boxes so that your children and neighbors are not at risk. Because rodents rely heavily on their sense of smell to find each other, they leave behind trails of pheromones in their urine and feces that signal location of their nest to other animals.

    For outdoor wildlife issues, such as skunks and armadillos, Omega Animal Removal uses all-naturaldeterrents that will keep them away from your property line. Deterrents are highly effective, and we use natural methods whenever possible for the safety of your pets and family.

    Our Rodent Specialists maintain the rodenticide bait stations and other deterrent placements on a monthly basis. It is this continuous upkeep that ensures your infestation problem cannot repeat itself, maintaining the duration of our Lifetime Guarantee. With our state-of-the-art population control methods, you can keep your Miami, Florida home free of all noxious wildlife.

  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Call Omega Animal Removal if you recognize any of the following signs:

    • Tracks about the size of a dog or large cat through your yard
    • Divots or small holes in your garden indicate foraging for food
    • Droppings ranging in size from a pen point to those of a small dog
    • Seeing rodents or hearing scruffling in your garden
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Our 4-step process is guaranteed to be effective for the rest of your life in that home or office. We start with a consultation during which we stalk the entire exterior of your home for potential signs of entry.

    1. Our evaluation is comprehensive and performed by the most highly trained Specialists in the Miami area.
    2. Live trapping is our preferred method for animal removal as we lean towards the most humane methods for animal capture possible.
    3. Exclusion is the most important phase of our process and includes the sealing of all holes with state of the art materials and metal based products.
    4. We pride ourselves on superior decontamination practices that make your home look better than when you purchased it.

    Our population control methods are specially designed to reduce the risk of reentry into your home and to keep thriving populations from spilling over into residential spaces.