• Rodents Don't Belong in Your Attic or Crawl Space

    Rodents Don't Belong in Your Attic or Crawl Space

    Rodents are a rampant in all American urban centers, and no stranger to Houston homes and offices. While rats and mice are typically the most feared of infestations, they are also the most common and therefore the most easily and deftly removed by Omega Animal Removal specialists. We have been working in Texas rodent removal for years and have perfected both a thorough understanding of rodent behavior and tendencies, as well as the most cost-efficient and all-natural method for dealing with a rodent infestation.

    While store-bought traps work for residents on a single basis, the trails of urine and feces that rats have left in and out of your home through secret nooks and crannies indicate to other rodents a dry, warm space away from nature’s elements. It is important to call an Omega Animal Removal professional at the first signs of a rat or mouse infestation.

    These pesky animals pose numerous threats to human living and working environments, not least among them the many diseases that abound from feces and urine littering the home and infiltrating the inner home’s air circulation. All rodents are known for their sharp front teeth and commonly chew through most materials, including wood and copper wire. The latter is often problematic for more reasons than your internet connection going out. Exposed wire is the most frequent cause of electrical house fires. As soon as you notice any of the signs of a rodent problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Omega Animal Removal professional.

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  • Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    If you notice any of the following signals of rodents in your home or office, call Omega Animal Removal:

    • Nibble marks on cartons or food boxes
    • Droppings found in kitchen cabinets, pantries and drawers
    • Food particles or crumbs in strange places
    • Noises such as scratching in the walls or ceiling
    • Urine patches near food cartons or in cupboard
    A trapped Rodent
  • Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Houston Rodent Infestations

    Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Houston Rodent Infestations

    Our 4-step process is straight-forward, comprehensive and guaranteed to be effective. We begin with an evaluation of the exterior and interior of your home, paying close attention to possible entry points along the roofline as rodents are extremely adept climbers. It is often difficult for a resident to recognize an entry point as they are often tiny and subtle cracks in the siding or eaves.

    Once we have identified the entrances, we can easily find and capture the rats or mice infesting your home based on a trained understanding of rodent biology and behavior. After your home is rodent free, we focus on repairing the damage incurred, from replacing contaminated insulation to changing out chewed wiring. We then perform the most important process of all, exclusion, the step through which your house becomes a fortress against future rodent populations trying to break into your home or office. Call Omega Animal Removal today to keep these quick breeders from causing more damage than they already have.