• How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    Omega Animal Removal in Houston puts a lot of time into attic restorations simply because they need to be done correctly in order to keep homes safe from the issues that can arise from poorly done work. In many cases, a full restoration isn't even necessary because the fogging treatment used by Omega Animal Removal is so effective, it can even get through the insulation. However, from time to time, an infestation is so severe that a full restoration is warranted. We don't need to use scare tactics to convince homeowners to do a complete attic restoration.

    We know the process is expensive, and we want you to base your decision on facts, not on falsely inflated elements of fear. Make no mistake, it is vital to your health to remove all traces of an infestation in your attic, and at Omega we find it important to let our customers know why it's so important.

    Our Attic Restoration Specialists in Houston will restore your attic to a like new condition no matter how extensive the damage. We're so confident in the work we do, we offer extensive guarantees that surpass the competition. Call Omega Animal Removal today for an attic restoration consultation.

    Making your attic more energy efficient.
    This is an example our air sealing where you see the fire block foam
  • We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Houston

    We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Houston

    When you hire Omega Animal Removal for an attic restoration project, an Attic Restoration Specialist using special equipment and gear will remove all traces of the pests. This includes feces, urine, debris, nesting materials, and insulation. We use our Omega fogging treatment to treat every area of the attic, including the structure and spaces.

    Omega's Attic Restoration Specialists use R-38 rated insulation to replace the insulation that was removed. Construction standards change all the time and since this is the most recent standard, it's the one Omega uses. We use environmentally friendly materials with a value that goes beyond anything the competitors' offers.

    Attic insulation redone
  • Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    The pest issue isn't taken care of by only the attic restoration. This is just a part of the cleanup process to remove all traces of the pest. Omega Animal Removal will ensure that pests are not able to reenter your home after the restoration is complete. Boric acid, used in cellulose insulation may deter bugs, but it does not deter squirrels or rats. These pests will actually make their nest right in the insulation, which is why we don't use it.

    Competitors use cellulose insulation because it is far cheaper than fiberglass insulation, but unfortunately, it's not as effective nor is it “pest proof”. Pest proof insulation simply does not exist. The minimum required insulation value that can be put into your home is R-30. It ends up being about 13” thick before settling, but the insulation used by Omega Animal Removal has an R-38 value and is about 16” thick before it settles.

    In addition to protecting against further critter invasions, you will most likely see a severe drop in your home energy costs once the new insulation is put in by Omega Animal Removal. It is possible that the money you save on heating and cooling costs will meet or exceed the amount you spend on the attic restoration over time. Even better, you may be eligible for tax credits based on the fact that you replaced your insulation.

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    Making your attic more energy efficient
    Our air sealing is designed to reduce air transfer between the attic and the interior of the home
    Making your attic more energy efficient
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