• Omega Animal Removal's Attic Restoration Services in Dallas

    Omega Animal Removal's Attic Restoration Services in Dallas

    Attic restorations are a huge part of what we do here at Omega Animal Removal. Not every home absolutely needs an attic restoration following the resolution of a nuisance wildlife problem in the attic. In Dallas and the surrounding suburbs, attic restorations are usually highly recommended in cases of severe, or prolonged rodent infestations in the attic due to the extensive damage rodents cause to your attic’s wiring, ductwork and insulation. If the rodent infestation had gotten to that point before it was noticed, or properly resolved, then there is honestly no other way to remediate and repair damage caused by the rats in your attic. 

    While everyone would probably like a full attic restoration following the resolution of a rodent infestation, the truth is, attic restorations can be extremely costly. That’s why unlike some of our competitors, we will never exaggerate the extent of damage your attic incurred during the rodent infestation or pressure you in an attempt to sell you services you don’t need. We believe it’s imperative for you to know the all of the facts about attic restorations so that you can make the best decision for your home and your family. 

    Omega Attic Restoration Services
    If your attic looks similar to this, then you're probably in need of a full attic restoration.
  • What Does Omega Animal Removal's Full Attic Restoration Entail?

    What Does Omega Animal Removal's Full Attic Restoration Entail?

    In Dallas, full attic restorations are becoming increasingly common. Many homeowners are choosing to completely restore their attic following rat, squirrel and raccoon infestations. Attic restorations are a very time consuming and labor intensive service that is completed in three separate parts. Below you will find a breakdown detailing each of these parts. For more in depth and detailed information regarding full attic restorations, click here and you will be redirected to our main-homepage attic restoration tab. 

    Part 1- Removal of all existing insulation, feces, urine, nesting sites and debris from your attic. 

    The first part of a full attic restoration is completely cleaning out your entire attic. Our Dallas Attic Restoration Specialists will suck all of the insulation (and everything in the insulation) from your attic using the most powerful attic insulation vacuums on the market. Removing everything from your attic is long, difficult and laborious task when it is done correctly. Unlike quite a few other insulation companies, our team of Attic Restoration Specialists will remove literally everything from your attic. When we have finished your attic will be entirely bare and all of your ductwork, wiring and drywall will be visible. This ensures that all of the feces, urine, nesting sites and pheromones have been completely removed from your attic. 

    Part 2 – Attic Decontamination Fogging Treatment  

    Once all of the existing attic insulation, feces, urine, nesting sites and debris has been removed from your attic and it is completely bare, it is a good time to inspect all of your ductwork, wiring, drywall, cables and everything else that runs through your attic. If necessary, we can repair or replace any damaged ductwork and can recommend our preferred electrical contractors if you need any electrical wiring repaired or replaced.  

    Once any necessary repairs have been made while your attic is completely bare, our Dallas Attic Restoration Specialists will then perform our attic decontamination fogging treatment throughout your attic. Our state-of-the-art fogging treatments are designed to breakdown any bacterial, fungal, microbial or viral spores in your attic and since there is no insulation in the attic, our fogging treatment will even get down into the wall voids ensuring that your entire home is thoroughly decontaminated and sanitized. Our Attic fogging treatment also includes a vector treatment used to eliminate all of the pheromones, scent trails and biological markers that continually re-attracts rodent populations back to your Dallas, TX attic. 

    Part 3 – Install New Wool-Blanket Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation to R-38 Value

    The final part of our full attic restoration process is installing new attic insulation. The type of insulation that we use is a product made by Knauf Industries called Jet Stream Ultra Wool Blanket Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation. Jet Stream Ultra is the top-rated and highest quality attic insulation on the market and each bag is comprised of approximately %60 recycled glass bottles. It is non-absorbent, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It will never deteriorate overtime, so you will never need to add more insulation due to deterioration. 

    We never use cellulose insulation and would never recommend it to our clients. Cellulose attic insulation is comprised of recycled paper products treated with boric-acid insecticide to act as a flame retardant. Most of our competitions push cellulose insulation on the claim that the boric acid acts as a deterrent for rats and squirrels. That is a completely untrue statement. While the boric acid may help some with bugs in your insulation, it has zero effects on mammals… that’s why human beings can install it. Ultimately, cellulose insulation is extremely cheap in bulk since it’s just recycled paper and that’s why they sell it. 

    When we install Jet Stream Ultra in your attic, we always ensure that we bring the insulation to an R-38 value. While installing insulation to an R-30 value is the minimum required for Texas building codes, R-38 is the EPA recommendation for seeing any energy efficiency benefits from your attic insulation. In Layman’s terms, that means that we will install 13” to 15” of insulation in your attic as opposed to the minimum requirement of 8”-10”. Once we have finished with the installation of your attic insulation your full attic restoration is finally complete!

    Redoing attic insulation step 1
    Part one of a full attic restoration is removing absolutely all attic insulation and debris. Our Attic Restoration Specialists will make sure that your attic is completely bare to ensure that all animal excrement and pheromones are removed from your attic.
    Redoing attic insulation step 2
    Part 2 of a full attic restoration is a decontamination fogging treatment of the bare attic. The treatment will treat every part of your attic and even get down into the wall voids.
    Attic insulation redone
    Part 3 of a full attic restoration is installing Jet Stream Ultra insulation to a R-38 value. As you can see, it is a lot of insulation and installs to a depth of approximately 14". Most clients see a significant decrease in their energy bills immediately following our full attic restoration services.
    Jetstream Max Pack Cyan 26C31Ec954B9E0B372C4C1Bb02Fdafa84012C703
    Knauf Jet Stream Ultra is the industry's top-rated attic insulation. Its eco-friendly manufacturing and numerous unbeatable qualities have led us exclusively offer Jet Stream Ultra to our clients.
  • Additional Energy Efficiency Services Offered by Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, TX

    Additional Energy Efficiency Services Offered by Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, TX

    When you choose Omega Animal Removal's Attic Restoration services, we don't just remove the attic insulation and blow it back in. We are experts in energy efficiency and have EPA Certified HVAC technicians that will go throughout your attic and pinpoint all areas that are compromising your homes' energy efficiency. Our energy efficiency services are designed to ensure that your attic is completely sealed from your living space. Our services also include repairing your ductwork and making sure your air conditioning unit is working at its optimal level, saving you money in the long run. Some of the energy efficiency products and services that Omega Animal Removal offers include but are not limited to:

    ·      Spot sealing all gaps throughout the attic that allow airflow between the home and attic with a fire-block insulator foam. Examples would include: wall plates, plumbing stacks, electrical holes, exhaust-fans, AC boot/sheetrock junctions, etc.

    ·      Sealing all air-conditioning supply duct connections, distribution box, plume and run connections, etc.

    ·      Installing attic stair covers to ensure that there is no air transfer from the small gaps around the area where the stairs  pull down.

    ·      Radiant Barrier installation.

    ·      Can light covers and sealing.

    Our Certified HVAC technician will be able to inspect your attic and inform you about all services required to ensure that maximum energy efficiency is achieved.

  • Attic Restoration Facts and Competition Comparison

    Attic Restoration Facts and Competition Comparison

    Although attic restorations do not actually solve the wildlife issue, they are the cleanup phase of the process and are vital for a successful elimination of pests. Rats and squirrels can indeed live in cellulose insulation. Boric acid, which is used to treat cellulose insulation during the manufacturing process, does well to deter bugs, but very little to deter rats and squirrels.

    Blowing in an R-30 value is the minimum required insulation to be blown into your home and is approximately 13" thick before settling. Omega Animal Removal blows in to an R-38 value, which is approximately 16" thick before settling. In addition to being rid of unwanted animals, our clients tend to see a very drastic change in their energy bill because of our high quality products and blow-in insulation methods. The increased energy efficiency from replacing the insulation often cuts the energy bills so much that the attic restoration actually pays for itself over time. Occasionally there are tax credits that you can look into when you replace your attic's insulation.