• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wildlife destroying your Austin, Texas property? You are not alone. There are an unlimited number of challenges to being a home-owner, and wild animals digging up your lawn, burrowing beneath your porch and eating all your vegetables and plants are all highly common. During warmer months, residents see an increase in issues caused by armadillos, snakes, moles, pocket gophers, nutria and other burrowing creatures. Many of these species are particularly difficult to pinpoint because they are nocturnal, sleeping underground and out of sight during the day and moving stealthily around your carefully manicured lawn during the night.

    Omega Animal Removal is the best wildlife control company in the business, with a unique guarantee to match our confidence in our superior removal methods. If you begin to notice certain obnoxious, recurring problems in your garden such as dead patches of sod, large holes against your home or shed, excavated dirt or debris, lines of compacted soil running through your lawn or patches of soil piled in small hills, these are all signs of various infestation problems. Armadillos live in underground burrows and come out at night to dig and search for grubs and insects.

    These burrows will be very deep and a distinct dug out tunnel shape typically directly against a home or structure of some sort. Moles can damage your lawns rooting system and typically will eat earthworms, which are beneficial to your yard. Snakes leave old skins frightening away birds and insects beneficial for pollinating your flower beds and can cause a significant scare if nothing else. If you come across any of these are issues, contact us directly so we can stop the damage and relocate the animals safely.

    Read more about Common Signs Of Wildlife Damaging Your Propertyhere. The signs mentioned above are not always the same for every animal even if they are the same species. Omega Animal Removal also removes and relocates many other yard and property damaging animals.

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  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Austin

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Austin

    • Snakes
      Although Austin is home for just a few venomous species of snakes, there are hundreds of other species roaming around, and all of them can easily come in contact with your family or pets. The problems posed by snakes are not related to yard or property destruction, but more to the emotional impact that they can have, especially on small children. You still need to contact us right away, and never try to solve the problem yourself. Venomous snakes are rare, but that does not mean that the one in your back yard is harmless. Contact Omega Animal Removal, and one of our Wildlife Specialists will come take care of the snake problem for you.
    • Armadillos
      Probably one of the most common species in Austin, armadillos are also the ones that cause most damage to your yard. We know them from movies or books as the funny-looking creatures that spend their time looking for insects or digging up dirt. Not only do armadillos dig up the ground looking for food, but they also dig up homes for themselves, which is why you should always be alert for any armadillo burrows. Contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you spot them. A Wildlife Specialist will come and evaluate the damages, capture the animal and relocate it to away from your yard or property, and also present you with a number of prevention solutions.
    • Nutria
      Enjoying golf courses and ground digging, nutria is also a frequently met wildlife animal in Austin, Texas. A larger member of the rodent family, nutria spends its time around places with water and digs up the ground looking for insects. On the plus side, this particular wildlife species does not cause as much trouble as one would think, and is also easy to capture and relocate safely. If there are signs in your yard or property that a nutria might be present, or if you spot the animals, make sure to call Omega Animal Removal and set up an appointment with one of our experts in order to inspect your property and capture the wildlife animal.

    As you might expect, there are more than three animals that can cause damage to your yard or property in Austin, Texas, but based on our extensive experience and the reports we get from our customers, these three are the most frequently seen. Your yard or property could also be damaged by iguanas, pocket gophers or moles, and you should contact a Wildlife Specialist in order to take care of the problem, no matter the species are roaming your land. Call Omega Animal Removal if you spot any suspicious activity near your home and one of our specialists will humanely capture and move the animal far away from your yard.

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