• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Tampa Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Tampa Attic

    If you hear any scratching, rolling, thumping, screeching, chirping or chewing noises coming from your Tampa, Florida home, it is a sure sign that your abode has become a home to wild animals. Animal infestations can damage the structure of a house, and present a serious health hazard. And since the animals tend to be most active at the time you are usually sleeping, they can make it extremely difficult to get a good night’s rest.

    There are many types of animals that like to live in the attics of Florida homes, including rats, bats, opossums and squirrels. Many people think that the louder the sounds heard, the bigger the animals must be. However, in our years of experience, we’ve found that even relatively small animals like rats and mice can cause quite a lot of noise.

    Omega Animal Removal handles the safe and humane removal of many different animal species. Our process for removing animals and preventing re-infestation depends on the species. For some we use live traps and relocate the animals once caught. For others, we install one-way valves that will allow the animal to leave your home when it heads out for its next foraging session, but prevent them from being able to come back in. Our Wildlife Control Specialists will use their expertise to determine which method is best for the animals and your home.

    Call us today if you suspect you have a wildlife infestation—your safety and health depend on it! Postponing gives the animals time to reproduce, magnifying the infestation and damage to your home. Omega Animal Removals can guarantee successful animal removal and exclusion services that fulfill our lifetime warranty.

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  • Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic


    Rats are common home invaders throughout the United States, and are often the culprits of attic damage and infestation. Whether you live in a suburb or the city, your home is at risk of rat infestations. Having rats in your attic can create many serious problems, including thousands of dollars in repairs, house fires from exposed wires and even chronic illness contracted from their droppings. If you hear chewing and scratching sounds at night, call us right away. You likely have a rat invasion.


    Squirrels may be charming, but they can be a nightmare when they live inside your attic. They are well known for chewing up rafters, trim and electrical wires, as well as air conditioning ducts and vents. Squirrels will often nest in attics during breeding season and can become aggressive if they feel you are too close to their young. If you have noticed scratching or rolling sounds in your attic at dusk and dawn, it is a big sign of squirrel infestation. Call Omega Animal Removal at once.


    Raccoons are the largest animals we usually find in attics, and highly intelligent. They use their cleverness to find ingenious ways into your home. Once inside, they can contaminate your home with bacteria-laden excrement, causing respiratory problems and illness in your family. Raccoons can cause extensive damage in a short period of time. For this reason, you should contact us immediately if you hear what sounds like a human walking in your attic—a big indicator of raccoon infestation.


    The only marsupial found in North America, opossums are interesting creatures. Recognizable by the cat like size, long snout and scaly tail, they are frequent carriers of fleas, and can leave these parasites in your home. Opossums tend to play dead if they feel threatened. If you find one near your home that appears dead, call Omega Animal Removal immediately—it is very likely still alive. If you hear thumping and scratching sounds in your house, contact us for an inspection.


    While bats are not actually aggressive toward humans, their presence in your attic can still be harmful because of the fumes and bacteria that come from guano (bat feces). It’s not uncommon to see this guano dripping from the rooflines of infested homes. They most often make a screeching sound. Because bats are a federally protected species, it is unlawful for you to try to remove them yourself. Call Omega Animal Removal to have the bats removed safely, humanely and legally.

    These are only the most common species that invade the attics of homes and businesses. You may discover that the animals in your attic are not listed above. Omega Animal Removal can help you with many types of wildlife infestations. Just give us a call to schedule your inspection, knowing all services come with a Lifetime Guarantee.