• Don't Let Squirrels Nest in Your Tampa Home—Remove Them

    Don't Let Squirrels Nest in Your Tampa Home—Remove Them

    Squirrels are a common fixture of many Tampa, Florida neighborhoods and are beloved for their playful antics, but they can become big nuisances, and even bigger hazards, when they infest homes. Squirrels find human homes to be an ideal place for nesting and are very territorial, which is why many homeowners have recurring pest problems every year.

    Residents tend to notice squirrel infestations starting in fall and lasting all the way through spring, though they can occur at any time of year. Because the squirrel breeding season takes place in the spring, this is the peak time when squirrels enter houses. They need to find a suitable shelter for their nest, where they can raise their young. They will put in amazing efforts to get inside a house, such as chewing through walls, roof panels, trim and other parts of a home’s construction. A great deal of damage can be done by squirrels simply trying to make an entry hole into a house’s attic. Once they’ve gained access, the damage can get even worse.

    While setting up their nests squirrels will chew and contaminate many parts of a home, including air conditioning ducts, rafters, drywall, vents, wiring and more. This chewing can create fire hazards (due to exposed wiring), and also create holes a home’s insulation. The problem will continue to get worse as time goes on, because squirrels never stop chewing. Additionally, squirrels will leave urine and feces in very unsanitary latrines, which lead to the development of mold and even wood rot.

    Unfortunately “waiting it out” is not a solution for squirrel infestations. Squirrels are too territorial, and will make your home their permanent residence if possible. Extensive actions must be taken in order to safely remove the squirrels from your home, and prevent them from coming back. Omega Animal Removal is a team of professionals with years of experience performing squirrel extraction and exclusion services. Using our expertise, we’ve created a highly effective process that goes far beyond the quality of our competition.

    A squirrel caught by OmegaSquirrel removal
  • Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    These signals might indicate you have a squirrel or squirrels living in your attic:

    • Noises such as scratching, thumping or a marble rolling around in your attic
    • Divots in your backyard or plants chewed in the garden
    • Fighting squirrels frequently indicate overpopulation, a catalyst for home infestations
    • Droppings often look similar to other rodents’ but are always in the same place
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    We start by having our squirrel specialists examine the perimeter and exterior of your home, looking for entry points the animals have created, and other damage. Both the ground and rooftop levels of your home will be checked, ensuring a thorough inspection. Once the exterior inspection is completed, we move on to the attic, checking for damage to wiring and construction, urine and feces, nesting sites and infant squirrels. After the inspection is complete, we can begin our extraction and exclusion procedure, customized to meet your specific needs.

    1. Evaluation of the premises
    2. Trapping and removal in the most humane manner possible
    3. Exclusion through sealing all entrance points with heavy metal-based materials that are weatherproof and match your home paint job
    4. Decontamination, damage control and sanitization of the entire premises

    Don’t wait to call the most trusted name in Tampa, Florida squirrel control. Our process is so efficient, we have backed it with a Lifetime Guarantee, something almost unheard of in the wildlife control industry