• Omega Animal Removal in Tampa Gets Rid of Rodents

    Omega Animal Removal in Tampa Gets Rid of Rodents

    Roof rats are the most common rodents we find infesting attics in Tampa, FL. Omega Animal Removal has a team of Rodent Specialists who are experts in rodent control. This not only includes removing rats from your Tampa, Florida attic or home, it also means making sure that we properly decontaminate the mess that the rats leave behind and ensure that they never find their way into your attic again. Rat infestations can happen to anyone. Omega Animal Removal sees thousands of homes each month, across 4 different states, that have their attic or interior infested with rats. Rodent control is the number one issue in all of Tampa and the Tri-County area. The more society encroaches into nature to expand the number of residential and commercial buildings, the more rats invade your attic and home.

    Don’t assume that throwing poison into an area infested by rats will solve the problem. Yes, the rats that are there may die but they will leave behind pheromones in their urine and feces, causing trails that lead other colonies of rats straight into your home or attic. Once other rats follow these pheromone trails, your Tampa, Florida home’s attic will become quickly re-infested and the damage begins to accrue very quickly.

    The great news for you is that, unlike any other rodent control company in the country, we at Omega Animal Removal are so certain that we solve your rodent control problem in a permanent manner, we guarantee all the work on your home for a lifetime. How are we able to do this you ask? Our Rodent Control Specialists have thoroughly trained and studied the exact behaviors and tendencies of rats to the point that they know how rats think and what they are going to do next.

    Given this dedication to helping clients permanently get rid of their roof rat infestations, we have learned from experience that the only way to properly eradicate a rodent problem is to use a three step process that boils down to perfecting the craft of rodent control. Below you will get an exact idea for each step in our process and begin to see how they all work in unison to permanently solve the rodent control issues in your Tampa, FL attic and home.

    Omega specializes in Rodent control & removal
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
  • Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal if you notice any of the following signs:

    • Scratching, squeaking or marble rolling noises coming from the ceiling and/or walls
    • Oblong droppings about the size of a pen point
    • Crumbs or food in strange places
    • Chewed wires
    • Holes in food cartons
    • Dead rodents
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    Once you call Omega Animal Removal, one of our Rodent Specialists will inspect your home and identify the exact species of rodent they are going to be dealing with.

    1. Based upon the evidence seen in your attic or crawlspace, our Rodent Control Specialist will then engage advanced trapping methods specific to each type of rodent found upon inspection.
    2. The trapping methods can include a multitude of different live traps and/or kill traps, excluder valves and so on. The trapping methods will be tailor-made to fit your home’s need and will be done in unison.
    3. We then perform our exclusion process, finding every possible entry point on the entire home. It takes the right amount of training, knowledge and proper materials that can stand up to the aggressive chewing of rats. It also requires meticulous re-inspections of work to ensure everything is permanently sealed.
    4. We then decontaminate and sanitize your entire home. Our team of Rodent Specialists use the most advanced attic fogging system available on the market to thoroughly treat and disinfect your entire attic and/or crawlspace.

    It’s clear that our process is the best in the business. Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal for the most advanced rat removal methodology as well as our unique Lifetime Guarantee.

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